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Day 20: Neydens to Chaumont

What a day! It was SO hard and we had SO much fun that I couldn‘t even write in my Blog!

Started at 9 and had a Beeakfast in one of those little Bakeries where they make actual bread.

Then we acidentally became part of a herd of Cows on their way from the field to the farm. I think my new friend Lili wanted to let them pass but I know how to Cow so we just went with it. I must say, it felt great to be a Cow. Maybe I become one myself…

We were so into this herd that we almost turned into the barn instead of following the Camino 🤪.

Later we had a luxurious late lunch in a Restaurant because why not? We walked SO much today that we sure earned it! 30km!

Other than that we chatted away as if we knew each other for 20 years. As you do here. We have almost the same hiking rhytm altough I make two steps for every single

one of her and I foretell that she’ll kick my behind before long as soon as she got more experience and training.

Loved the Landscape that sometimes looked a bit like the Toscany. In the background there were snowy Mountains and we even saw Mont Blanc!

A lot of Pilgrim Art on the way and one can tell it is a part of this region for 1000+ years.

I also admire the more creative kind of altars they have here sometimes. Like this artificial Grotto with the Maria which I assume shows the miracle of Lourdes. How much cooler is that than just a regular little House thingy please?

We were so done after 25km as there was a lot of elevation and sun today. But we had to press on and I think without each other both of us would’ve quit earlier. That’s a very common phaenomenon with Hikers tough. One tends to make more with at least one other Hiker around.

When we FINALLY reached Chaumond I really lost my shit when we had to climb yet ANOTHER hill to reach the litte Albergue we’ll stay today. Lili was her usual bubbly self tough and her enthusiasm helped me to get my last rest of energy together for the last 15 minutes that really felt like hours!

Now we’re in a little hut and I made us some Spaghetti. They have it all here for us to use and we even got Beers!!!!! What a treat! There‘s another Pilgrim here (it gets crowded 😬). An elderly german Lady who will hike for a week.

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Apr 30, 2023

I love cows! They're so friendly (when they're not trying to kill you) - AJ

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