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Day 9: Interlaken to Thun

Aaaaaah yes, the joys of common rooms! I had to dry all my clothes so I was bare naked exept of my robe which once again proved its necessity.

Woke up in the middle of the night because some spanish speaking hija de puta con sifilis y cara de caca had to scream into her phone at 1 o clock at night next to our room!!! Whats wrong with some people! First I was polite but when she ignored me I screamed at her that she might go shag herself and the horse she rode into town on. She then moved but not without opening the security door and making even MORE noise!

At this point I decide to post a stalagmite from the Beatus cave because It totally looks like a Penis and I find that funny and that way it appears as preview picture 😬.

We started early because of the weather and made great pace. My foot feels great (so far) and with Alex on my side I have a motivation to keep up.

Jacqueline, who sadly had to go home today, tried to pick up the epic backpack of Alex but she was more or less the same weight, so... 🤣

We found awesome places like an old fort and a beautiful way along the Thunersee which most amazing trait is that it's perfectly flat and therefore the least amount of hard to walk.

The weather is still cold and cloudy and we are constantly rained on by tiny and ice-cold drops of water.

We received our first Camino magic from a couple living in a house at the lake who brought us coffee. I then told Alex that this is regular stuff that happens here and as per old Pilgrim tradition we are not allowed to reject any gifts while on the Trail as it is considered a gift from God.

The highlight surely was the Beatus cave which is an amazing experience to behold.

I didn't had time to research its real and mythological history but it's something about a saint who killed a dragon and than lived in there as a reclusive - because fuck you dragon, this is my crib now Bitch.

Google it yourself if you're interested ;)

The cave itself is really something! For tens of thousands of years the water run trough the mountain to hollow it out in the most amazing fashion.

Also what I found fascinating is how nothing grows in there at all exept around the artificial lights. Turns out everything it takes for life to - uh - find a way is some spores brought in by visitors and a bit of photosynthesis by electric lights.

It's also nicely made outside. Not too touristy or pseudo-modern but almost like a little castle.

We than took the Ship to the other side of the lake as that's actually the more historically accurate route. Here we walked for about three hours and found just the cutest little B&B in the house of an elderly couple somewhere before Thun. I know, I know - I'm pempered and a Tourigriño! (a mix between a Tourist and a Pelegriño... quite the slur). Shoot me but I'm not in the mood to freeze my crown jewels off in minus temeperatures when I can have a bed for 30 swiss francs a night...

And now we treat ourselves a bit and later its "Schlööfeliziit".


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16 apr 2023

Oh so cool to see a smile on your face🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

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16 apr 2023
Risposta a

Aaaaah thanks… I’m kind of always happy here tough. Only with really tough pain I’m losing my spirit

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