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Day 89: San Martin to Astorga

Another boring walk and awesome day 😬

Julia was still sick and took the Bus. Jerry, Sky and me were walking as a Trio trough the trist and pretty awful rest of the Meseta.

Shortty before Astorga we run into the "La Casa de los Dioses" which is run by one of the Camino originals who just started living at the Trail because reasons.

We catched Alena there who somehow managed to pass is sonehow altough we didn't see her and she was starting way later than us. Another Camino Miracle?

About 20 minutes later, the Trail leads together with another alternative route and would you know it: by shere chance the Italians came along it at the EXACT sexond we were there... make of this coincidence what you will 😳

The walk into Astorga than took absolutely forever but finally we managed to meet Julia at a Café and check into out Albergue.

We spent the rest of the day eating at awful Restaurants, washing our clothes and visiting the Cathedral. I had to yet again walk around in nothing but my Robe as long as everything was in the machine which this time around aroused much applause - the Pilgrims here dig that shizzle 😎!

We than ate together in the Albergue and had yet another jolly old time.

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