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Day 80: Hornillos to Castrojeriz

We were so FAST today!

Despite my heavy and stupid drinking Yesterday I woke up absolutely fit and happy and excited to walk.

I was ashamed of my behaviour tough and I decided spontaneously to fast today. Y'know, like pennance in the catholic church.

I enjoyed the walk very much and we were SO fast! We already arrived at our destination at 10:30! Then again we started at 6 in the morning so...

The Meseta here really is something else! Not much shade but SO much going on everywhere!

In some parts you'd see desert to the right and lush, green Fields to the left. And the Camino right trough the middle. Isn't it poetic?

The downside were the Bugs tough. There were clouds of them snd when you walk trough they'd stick to your sweaty face! Disgusting!!!! 🤢

We later reached one of the high points tough in form of the ruins of an old Pilgrim hospital. It's an amzing sight and gives you an idea how important the Camino was back in the day.

There was a little cat that was obviously retarded and I took pity in it. It's funny but I never really thought about the fact that obviously some Animals are also born with mental disabilities.

There also was a little path trough some trees made to meditate and reflect and of course I walked on it.

It is maintained by a Guy looking like a Wizard who sang beautifully. I meant to make a Picture of him but I thought it rude.

Like I mentioned we arrived at our destination fairly early and had to even wait for the Albergues to open. We chose on which is fairly expensive with its 13 Euros but they had SINGLE beds and SHEETS! We could't resist the temptation of such luxuries!

The others ate Dinner together here too and I was very jealous indeed as I am so hungry! But I go trough with the fasting today! I have to grow and learn to keep me from getting so drunk!!

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