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Day 78: Zero-day in Burgos

Aktualisiert: 25. Juni 2023

Hmmmmmmm... awesome day here!

Sorry I just realized I'm behind with my Blog 😳! Trying my best but there's a LOT going on all day and I just forgot...

The day was of course amazing! Having Nadine here was so awesome and we also managed to spend time with the Group.

I must say tough that it was weird as hell having an "Outsider" coming into my little world here.

One Highlight of course was the Cathedral. It is the most beautiful one I think after the one in Santiago.

I was very proud to recognize the real Lonardo da Vinci painting which is hanging randomly in some corner room in the Church. Nobody was there and I haven't read anything about it - but the Quality and usage of Sfumato was prevalent to me and I was excited to read that it was the real deal...

We managed to have the last hurray together I was hoping so much for too! Could't finish the movie tough as we couldn't make it work on the Television.

Sleeping next to Nadine alone was enough to make the hussle worth to get her here ♄

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