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Day 74: Belorado to Madrid

Aktualisiert: 22. Juni 2023

Alrighty then! After we all ate Breakdast at the Albergue together I left the Group as I promised my Girlfriend to catch her at the Airport in Madrid tomorrow. I'd have liked to walk with them but whachagonnado?

So Bus it it again. It came late which as a swiss made me super nervous but now I'm in the Bus and all is good.

Kind if curious about Madrid. It isn't as famous as Barcelona but the Pictures look exciting actually. We'll see.

The ride took FOREVER but the upside was that I coukd sleep some more. So that's good 😎. Had a bad time finding my way in Madrid to

my Hotel but I always have in big Cities. It didn't help that after all the time in small Towns amd out in nature I'm even less prowned to the noise and nervousness of big Cities.

When I finally got into my Room, showered and even shaved I started with a bit of Sightseeing. It's a nice City and well worth checking out in my humble opinion.

The Soaniards have no chill and putting Devils with big Schlongs on their Townhalls and I LOVE it because you can watch american Tourists loosing it when they spot it 🤪!

I originally intended to visit the Palace but then I saw the Queue and was like "nah, Life's too short"

What I did instead was washing my Shoes in the machine as they were dirty as fuck. Turns out that works like a charm and now they look like new.

The rest of my day was sightseeing and

going to bed early. It would've been cool to check out Madrid some more but I'm still a Pilgrim!

Letting go we must!

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