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Day 69 (hehe): Estella to Los Arcos

Aktualisiert: 17. Juni 2023

Aaaaaw yeah! Good times Baby 😎 . How can you not love free Wine out of a fountain? Now that's what I call Breakfast for champions...

The fountain is right outside Estrella and one can hack into the homepage and check the Live footage of the Pilgrims taking advantage...

Pretty sure they had their reason to make it secure 😬. I can see Pilgrims satying there indefinitly đŸ€Ș.

Some People like Esmeralda from Mexico here made the best of it and not only drunk a bit with her shell but actually filled a bottle.

The wine made us kick mean butt and we were fast like crazy Made it to our location at 12:15!! Also I took probably my bedt photo by shere accident too (see above).

It worked so well that Julia and me worked in another glass for late breakfast. Don't judge me, it's my holiday!

On our way into town I got humbeled by a Guy even crazier than me who actually does the whole way to Jerusalem!!! We met him just when he left town as he is doing the Camino backwards. He's also on day 62 or so, therefore also very long on the road already.

There's rumours about another swiss Guy who supposedly also started alongside me but I haven't met him yet.

Not too much else to say about the day. Had a nap after we arrived at the Albergue and spent the day chatting and drinking Weissbier.

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