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Day 68: Puente la Reina du Estella

Gooooood day today! Made nice pace, had good spirits. All good!

We started around 8 and enjoyed the cooler hours of the day.

Crossed the famous bridge and I had to stop a couple of times because People wanted to make Photos with me... the Robe, as always 😬...

I had a great pace and the Robe functioned great in the sun - usually I'm beaten after such a day in the sun but with it on I don't get too much sun so I'm feeling fine.

We listened to music from my phone and had a great time with it. I might buy a little speaker in Town later so we can listen properly.

The Group is still going but it starts to fizzle out depending on individual speed and peferences. Also some of us are starting to get anxious and thinking about going alone... that's all normal and healthy in my opinion tough.

In the middle of the road I got the message that my Sister is pregnant again and that made me very excited and happy indeed. I love my Nieces and Nephews so much and can't wait for another addition ♄

Spent a long stretch talking away with our new Addition from Brussels Maria. Made the last couple of Kilometers way cooler and go by so much faster.

Got into a "donativo" Albergue and it's actually the same one I got in 10 years ago! Now we're hitting the Pool and later cook some Noodles.

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