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Day 67: Pamplona to Puente de Reina

I woke up complely exhausted. The night was pleasant enough but he last coupe of days were emotionally very intense and I reslize I need a bit to be able to process them. While making us all a nice Breakfast with Bacon and Eggs I decided to take the Bus for todays route. This way I can take the Lagguage of Julia and Antoine and also I'll be able to see a bit of Pamplona.

Letting the others go without me was weird but I'll see them later on so it's okay. I used the time tough and shaved, made Phonecalls at home and did a bit of Sightseeing.

Very prevalent here is of course this stupid Bullfighting and the Bullrun called "encierro" during the nine-day festival of Sanfermines in honor of Saint Fermin.

I do despise this abomination but I can't say it is without its charm.

The Town and its Traditions were of course made famous by the professional Drunk and part time Author Ernst Heningway whose Face is to be found everywhere as well.

Because I wanted to buy one of those fashionable Shashes (they match my scarf already) I managed to almost miss the Bus but I made it JUST in time. Punishment from the Universe for my lazyness no doubt...

The drive didn't even took 25 minutes. As so often, I wonder why we actually walk that thing here... but then again not really of course.

Puente la Reina is a cute little Town. It's interesting that I have no recollection about it whatsoever tough. Maybe I was just too tired and in pain the first time around.

I enjoy being lazy and make some smalltalk with the many other Pilgrims here.

Finally everyone arrived at the Albergue around 17:00. I was able to reserve beds together as that's a bit of a luxury to know who snores next to you. It was funny to pick them all up one by one while they dribbeled in because the Landlady was so happy that I could show them around so she doesn't have to get up for the millionth time a day to show the exact same four things (shower, bed, shoes, garden) to every newcomer. It must get SO on ones nerves 😬

I totally dig the nature here. So different yet again.

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