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Day 66: Zubiri to Pamplona

Wow, so much stuff happened that I'm

only now -the next day- I'm even able

to update my Blog 😬!

So, the night was surprisingly good as the Teenage Boys were actually polite and considering... and probably just too tired to

make much noise đŸ€Ș.

To our utter astonishment Julia (Redhead in the front) decided to walk with us! Considering the fact that she couldn't even climb te stairs by herself the night before this is nothing less than a Miracle!

And talking about Miracles: our Friend Antoine who claims to be 80 years old just continues to awe me with his continued good spririts and his incredible health. He keeps up with all of us in every way and he's such s Trasure to have around!

The nature here is wonderful and the weather as cool and nice as we could ever wish for.

I'm as happy as can be and physically I'm VERY fit just now. I do, however, feel a certain fatique of the mind. There's just so much going on all the time and I need to kind of process that all. It's like as if in one hour here happens more than im a week back in France...

Shortly before Pamplona Julia felt her Body again so I decided not to give a fuck anymore and we looked for a Cab. In my usual fashion I had all the bad luck in the world tough and it was Siesta đŸ€š. The woman at the Restaurant was helping us tough and asked some workers if they could take us the last couple of Kilometers. So they did and brought us to the Flat we booked.

I had to go grab the Backpack of Julia she sent ahead by Bus 20 minutes from the Flat away and that really took the last out of me. I had to tough because Julia was unable even to proper walk by this time... that's a positive input to my Karma account tough 😬!

Later we met with Georgia again for Dinner and wanted to go the mass but forgot the right Church and accidentally went to the wrong one đŸ€Ș. There are like ten of those around so it's a common mistake.

Later I was able to fulfill my dream and watched the movie "The Way" with Martin Sheen together with the others. Unfortunately after only half of the Movie we started to slip away because we were just so exhausted! I hope we'll be able to catch up on it later on...

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