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Day 65: Roncesvales to Zubiri

What a day! SO much fun! Still under way with my little Bubble containing of Justin from Australia, Julia from Germany, Antoine from Holland and just now Helen from the USA.

Started with a mediocre Breakfast in Roncesvalles and started around 8 o'clock. The night was of course terrible with everyone snoring and the loudest Toilet flush in the whole universe - not even kidding!

We also met a Lady from London who celebrated her Birthday today. She claims to be 50 but looks 30 or so. Why is everyone in such good shape here?!

I was in very good shape and easily the most experienced of all. I didn't even realize how trained I am before but now in contrast witj everyone I feel pretty cool 😎 - altough everyone is VERY fast and sporty...!

Unfortunately Julia was in bad shape at the end! She had to go back in the morning because she forgot her Phone at a Restaurant so she had to make a detour of 5km(!). AND she is still recovering from a operation just a month ago. So she was in awful pain so we had to help her get into her Dormroom and get settled. It was particulary awful because the room is full of 15 year old spanish Schoolboys who made a huge mess!

So we had to switch rooms around and that really took the last out of me :(...

But all in all it was a great evening later. Made some stretching in the garden and now I'm just DEAD! So, so tired!

Tomorrow we will get to Pamplona which is very exciting of course. Booked us a flat because I personally need a bit of privacy after three nights of the most busy and loud Dormitory Rooms ever...

But all in all... good times man 😬!

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12 juin 2023

It's great that you found your bubble! Just looking back to when you were in Switzerland and some of us (yes, me included, shame on me) told you to stop because of a little trouble with your foot... Look where you're now! Very proud :) - JJ

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