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Day 62: Lourdes

Aaaaaah, Lourdes... Catholic Disneyland! Complete with Quesues of Tourists in T-Shirts, a beautiful Castle and tons of Souvenirshops!

I have a great ol' time here 😬. After sleeping in a real bed and being clean I'm in MUCH better mood! Who'd have thought...

I slept in until noon because I could and later I checked out this wonderful nonsemse here. It's all so gaga and you bet I joined it all!

Started by buying a new hat that I desperately need - if only to hide my sweaty hair!

I love this statue of the Hl. Bernadette on the entrance. No holyness wahoo or her in trance or some crap but just the depiction of a bored, uneducated 12-year old sheepergirl from the Pyrenees doing her thing.

I feel bad for her. She's depicted everywhere here and gets prayed on as saint. But her life was absolutely miserable! After whatever happend to her to think she had a Marian appartion (probably psychosis or hysteria if we want to be honest) she was first hit by her parents for being blasphemic and later she was exploited by the church whose Priests very quickly saw an opportunity to get some of that sweet, sweet Pilgrim money.

Later she became a Nun because she was unlearned and probably massively traumatized and it was her only choice. Despised by her superiours and other Sisters she died with 35 on Tubercolosis.

Girl never had a Life and now hey make a Musical of her Life!

Other than that I'm amazed by the whole concept here. Just look at all the shit in the stores!

Wanna copy the fashionabily of the local catholic priest? For only 700 Euros this trendy Kasel can be yours! One size fits all I guess...

Or get on the nerves of your relatives by shoving some cheap ass ugly statues in their faces! Hide them in the Cellar until Grandma comes to visit and then take them out and put them on the Table to look like a religious fanatic!

The weather became inceeasingly worse the closer I came to the famous Grotto until it actually started to thunder. I try not to take this as a personal sign from God tough. The Guy in just a T Shirt next to me claimed we were blessed and that this was holy rain so... in the eyes of the beholder and stuff...

But if you think I didn't wait in a Queue for half an hour in the pouring rain just to touch the holy Grotto and maybe being fondeled by some overworked Priest having to bless like 2000 People a day you clearly haven't payed attention! Of COURSE I do all that Crap!

Later I filled my canteen with some of the holy water. Can't hurt, right?

When I sent this Picture in the Family Chat my parents somehow thought I had taken water from the stream behind me. I mean... I AM an idiot but I'm not THAT stupid! I had my food poisoning already, thank you very much!

Of course I used one of the bazillion Fountains around.

Tasted a bit earthy but I don't complain. Beggars can't be chosers and as long as it's holy and shit I'm content.

I just now wash down the taste with a (probably not particular holy) Beer.

It's funny, by all means I shouldn't have such a cool time here but I somehow really, really enjoy my time here 😝. It might just be that I desperately needed a day off or maybe mu depression is finally getting better. Or it's a Miracle! Maybe I should write to old Jorge and ask him if he wants to declare it official?

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