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Day 60: Église à Lamothe to Église de l‘Hôpital

Aktualisiert: 8. Juni 2023

Slept very nicely outside with a wonderful view on the Milky way. The morning became a bit gnarly because Yesterday was pretty heavy on my body and I'm quite beaten. After a mediocre Tea and Coffee at the Gite we begged Luna goodbye and spent our Morning on a straight, paved road trough a forest to the Town of Eauze. I kept myself entertained by listening to Frodos and Sams Adventures in Mordor. I came to the sudden realization that Gandalf sent three Eagles because the third was for Gollum and that made me a bit sad.

To my utter shock I discovered that there's an actual Bullfight arena here! WTF?!? I had no idea that there are any of those outside Spain or Mexico...

I hate this disgusting, medieval grotesquerie they call a "sport". What a stupid shitty thing to do and watch!

Saw the first sign that had spanish written as first language on it. We sure are geting close!

Other than that the day is pretty shitty :(. Got lost in a field, all the markets we wanted to get in were closed and worst of all: a Camping we saw was closed as well although they were clearly labelled as open!! We tried calling but to no avail and I just had it by then!

I gave them an awful review on Google and wouldn't you know they answered apologetically, telling us we could've gotten tje Code and whatnot but by then we were already on our way. So we did 25.8km today and stay again at a Church.

I desperately need a shower and my clothes stink like nobodys business :(. We really have to get into a Gite tomorrow..!

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Jun 07, 2023

Stierkampf ist in Südfrankreich sehr verbreitet. Nicht gerade sehr Tierfreundlich, aber doch Welten besser als in Spanien. Stiere werden nicht getötet. Das Ziel ist, ihnen Bänder von den Hörnern zu reißen. Die Stiere sind sehr teuer und abgerichtet. Also nicht ganz so schlimm...

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