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Day 57: Lectoure to Eglise Sainte-Germaine de Baradieu

Feeling miserable again. Lost my hat at the Restaurant I ate Yesterday. It wont open till 10 and that means I'd lose 2 full hours and I don't even know for sure if they found it in the first place.

Also I still dont feel too well and I'm tired. It's tough working on this depression thing while on Trail and while being sick. How am I supposed to motivate myself this way?!

Martin started walking already and I'm sitting here contemplating what to do. Not choice seems attractive right now.

Sooooo... after wasting precious two cooler morning hours I of COURSE didn't find my hat 😖! That made me completely mad and nervous which in turn made me think I might not be in the best shape mentally.

I made a Photo of this disgusting River outside the Village because I find it described my overall mood pretty well.

Other than that my day was pretty boring. It seemed at times as if we were walking trough toscany interestingly enough!

Came by this gigantic blooming field and was blown away by the sound of thousands upon thousands of Bees humming at the same time. It's very impressing how loud those little things can be in combination to each other!

The weather was again super hot until it wasn't and in the afternoon I experienced a fascinating weather phenomenon in form of a dark cloud exactly over my head raining on me while ten meters outside a circle everything was dry and sunny. Y'know, like in these Cartoons where the sad Loser getting rained at... I wonder if the Universe wanted to tell me something?

When I almost arrived at todays destination at a Church I stumbeled over a Field that seemed very much roman to me. And funny enough, someone actually built a pseudo-roman Villa there 😁!

But since we are poor and stinky Pilgrims we wont be able to reside there and opted for the free-of-charge Church around 2km away where we will spend the night.

Thank you all for your concerns and well-wishes Guys. I appreciate it and know, sometimes my Blog seems rather unappealing and bleak. I appologize for that but I just think there wouldn't be any sence in keep blogging if I wouldn't give my honest impressions. And since unfortunately I have tendencies to depression AND am a but whiney at times both tends to shine trough :(

Please don't ever worry tough! I'm a tough cookie who went trough a lot and I have a lot of support from home.

And also I'm not crazy and when I realize that I can't go on I'll just take the next flight home!

Here, have a Selfie of me enjoying my succulent dinner in form of half a package of Prinzenrollen. Living the high life Bitches 😎

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Jun 05, 2023

You got the cloud-thingy all wrong: Maybe the universe reads your blog and all your complaining about it being too hot, and how one couldn't trust the forecast etc. It wanted to help you stay cool, I'm sure! ;) -JJ


Jun 04, 2023

Die Kirche gefällt mir aber besser als die Villa😁


Jun 04, 2023

Call them and ask if they can send it after you! If you're staying in a Hotel soon, you won't be without your hat for too long. Or: Take a taxi back, retrieve your hat and let the taxi drive you back to where you are now :) - AJ

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