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Day 56: Saint-Antoine to Lectoure

Aktualisiert: 4. Juni 2023

I cannot can today! SO tired from the 31.5km Yesterday!

Today it's 24km, not too much elevation. So that's good. Hope to fimd the strength to do it.

Caught myself thinking about quitting in St. Jean Pied-de-Port. I just don't know if I still have the energy and willpower to go trough with this thing.

Still working on this sick-thing I guess. And my overall mood... well... not as dark and hopeless but far from my usual optimism.

We'll see how I do it today. Worst case: I have to stop alone somewhere.

I love it when my little Virgil (my backpack) has a Baguette in his net. He looks so french that way ♥️

There isn't too much to say for the rest of the day. It started cool but turned hot VERY fast.

It was exciting to see that the signs for St. Jean start tough. We are finally close to the boarder!!

Nature overall is turning very mediterrean. Excited for my first glimpse of the Pyrenees.

The weather forecast was warning about rain so we decided to get a bed in a Gite. Turned out to be Nonsense yet AGAIN and we stayed dry. On one hand I appreciate that of course but on the other... can we even trust the forecast here?!

Tomorrow will be a 25km day probably. After that we MAY make a Zero in Condom (I know: Hihihi 😬). We'll see if we can afford it.

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Jun 03, 2023

Don't you dare quit, Mr.! Take it slow if you need to, but don't abandon it. I'm sure you would be mad at yourself if you gave up. Remember, this is an ADVENTURE and it wouldn't be one if it were always easy or comfortable. Take care, breathe, enjoy it as much as you can, reality and work will be waiting for you when you get back, don't worry! 😂 - AJ


Jun 03, 2023

Good Luck today! Hey, at least the sun's back and the endless grey and rain is over. Remember that you're doing this for yourself and noone else, so keep going if you want to, stop if you feel like it, jump around to your hearts content! - JJ

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