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Day 55: Moissac to Saint-Antoine

On the road again! I'm still a bit sick but no excuses here! Time to say goodbye to Hobbington 🙃

I'm looking forward to walking again. It gives me purpouse and will hopefully do me good. I'm depressed and feel weak so I need a boost!

I had this on the PCT a couple of times. It was way worse there tough. I guess I got stronger in this regard.

The Trail today is luckily flat and - so far - shady. I couldn't bare a climb in my condition anyway I think.

Man, I hope I'll get out of my hole soon. It's miserable to walk when you're all dark and sad inside.

It's noon now and I start feeling a bit better. I'm always better on Trail so that's that.

Met a crazy italian Guy who talked to us in a wild mix of french and italian altough Martin and I barely understood any of it. Something about the "Guerra" and how 45 people were killed by the faschists and his father among them. Sounded interesting but he was unfortunately one of those People who only talk and not listen and he was nervous to an almost insane degree.

We were happy when he changed thre Group and sat to some elder french Ladies who looked frightended in our direction but I only shrugged and told them non-verbally I couldn't help them.

I'm glad that Martin is with me again. It's so much cooler with him around than being all alone all the time.

The day became hot but my robe helps keeping most of the sun off. I'm still not all there but I'm getting better.

Would've loved to jump into either the River or the Canal but the Canal seemed pretty dirty while the River has the texture and colour of Potato Soup...

I'm thinking about what to do after St. Jean Pied-de-Port. For I did plan to do the Francais direct from there but there are a few reasons to jump to the del Norte. One of it being the fact that it leads along the sea, so at least THERE I should be able to get a swim here or there...

So we finally made it to the Gite! We were SO worried we'd get into the storm but at the end it totally missed us!

We did a stop at another Gite like 10km from here and there was a german Guy claiming to have done the Camino 23 (!) times and that he now permanently lived on the Trail, jumping from Gite to Gite doing odd Jobs for 16 years. Absolute madlad if that's true!

We made 31.5km today which even if its flat is a BIG and HARD day! We plan to take it easier tomorrow.

I'm pretty proud of myself and really needed a feeling of success and pride to start getting out of my bad mood!

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Jun 03, 2023

Over 30km OMG!! 😳 - AJ

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