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Day 53: Toulouse to Moissac

Aktualisiert: 1. Juni 2023

As nice as Toulouse may be, I decided to leave it today already. I was constantly reminded of the Trail by all the Shells around and it left me a bit restless.

I'll feel more relaxed in Moissac, knowing that Martin is coming and being surrounded by other Pilgrims than all alone in the big City.

I originally planned on staying there for another night but I wasn't even in the mood to visit a museum or a church.

I'm in Moissac now, a very old little Town that couldn't be further away from the troubles of a big City. Quite in contrast, it seems like one of those besrly deserted town in the old Western movies!

I only expect a Wolf to howl in the background and some Tumbleweed to fly by.

A big Canal leads right trough the Town and on it there are charming Houseboats from People who really get how to live an awesome life 😎

Right now I'm waiting in the Campground for the Acceuil to open. I'll put up my tent here and wait for Martin to catch up tomorrow. I have nothing to worry about, I'm relaxed and my wounds are healing. Life's good for now and I enjoy as much freedom as a modern City man may allow himself to have.

Before I forget it: here's what happened next 😬

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25 sept 2023
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Personal meeting with Radagast the brown 😍😍😍

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02 jun 2023

Wowww that rain reminds me of south-east asia, crazy! Don't get washed away! - AJ

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31 may 2023

Was the train ride comfortable?

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31 may 2023
Contestando a

Harrharrharr… YES it was! Even with the knowledge that it‘ll fuel Jokes for years to come!

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