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Day 52: Zero-Day in Cahors

Aaaaah, Zeros... isn't it just the best? We slept in, had a little Sightseeing and enjoyed not having to walk all day every day 😬

Off days are so mich more satisfying when you have the feeling to have earned them. I wished I could do another one but I'm already behind schedule two days or so and I can't afford it 😕...

I loved checking out the huge Cathedral which once again is in no way adequate to the smallness of the Village.

Inside I played "Monk" again and took advantage of the possibility of making noise in a huge church as they offer a fun opportunity to hit some nails into a piece of wood for a small donation.

Later I planned on getting either my pants fixed or getting a new pair alltogether. But lo and behold: all the normal shops are closed and the special outdoor Pilgrim store has no pants for sale. Yeah. So the next plan is to take the Bis to the nearest open Shop... and than this happened:

So okay, I can do that! Taking my Umbrella and my Robe and go to the Bus station... no biggie. I'm a Pilgrim after all! A tough ass outdoor machine!

So what I'm now SUPER pissed at is, that the fucking BUS doesn't show up!!! What the HELL france?!???

So I decide to take this as a sign and not try anymore. If it shant be it shant be.

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May 29, 2023

Maybe God wants you to buy thread and needle and try to fix them yourself? Or maybe He enjoys your skin peeking through the hole? 😂 - AJ

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