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Day 52: Cahors to Toulouse

Aktualisiert: 31. Mai 2023

As you all know I'm a fraud and fake and lazy and unworthy to be called a Pilgrim. So it shouldn't come to anybodys surprise that I'm yet again expanding my break by traveling to Toulouse 😬

I was very insecure Yesterday after I couldn't get my pants situation fixed on what to do next. I knew I'd have to go buying new ones (probably) and this would've taken forever - and only if I would've found any in the first place too! As a consequence, Martin would've left without me and it's doubtful if I'd be able to catch up with him again.

Furthermore - not gonna lie - I'm hard hangover from Yesterday so that's an additional problem with the Question of what's to do next as walking would be a pain in the ass!

So while lying in Bed, asking myself what to do the easiest solution came to my mind: just go to Toulouse Fool! There you have every opportunity to buy stuff and you wanted to see the darn thing anyway! Just stay there and then jump to Moissac. Easy, all problems solved!

It was tough letting Martin go on alone but I'll catch up with him in one or two days so no real issue there either.

I already love it here, altough it still takes time to get used to the hectic and noise of a big City. But there's a lot of "Belle Epoche" Buildings and impressive parks and Churches. Needless tomsay that I made a LOT of Kilometers despite it being an off day!

The fact that there are a lot of Beggers and Homeless os sadly not really surprising but seeing an actual tent of some wooden planks and cartons in the middle of a busy street kind of hit me funny. Is that normal?! Isn't the Police doing anything against it?

And most of all: why am I paying for a Hotel when that was an option all along đŸ€Ș?!

Wanted desperately to get into the Basilica but it was seemingly closed. I try to get into tomorrow again because I really have to have a stamp from there in my Credencial!

As Toulouse is one of the many big stations of one of the Caminos I of course couldn't escape reminders of this fact spread troughout the City. As if the Trail reminds me that I'm not done yet and should go back sooner than later...

I managed to get a new pair of pants finally! It was so weird to walk around in my Leggins under the Robe! I also got me some cheap replacements for the Gloves I lost a couple of weeks ago.

I feel you my fluffy friend... I really feel you 😭!

Talking about feelings: I went to the Cinema to see "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" and to my utter surprise I started crying in the middle because it was so heartwarming and tragic. Didn't happen to me in a long time but since I was there alone and almost nobody else was in there I could just feel the feels and enjoy being a bit overly emotional for a change.

Go watch it if you are into this Marvel Superhero stuff but beware if you're an Animal lover as it has graphic depiction of Animals being tortured and altough it's all hightened and all of them were Computer generated it was pretts tough for me to look at. Which is interesting because usually I am detached from feeling too much for people in movies but these scenes here were really something...

Maybe I'm just more emotionally vulnurable while on Trail as I'm constantly tired in mind and body as well as lonely. Who knows?

I'm still thinking about if I want to spend another night here or if I should return to the Canino tomorrow. We will see.

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May 30, 2023

You do you, cousin! There's no right or wrong way to do this, as long as you're having a great experience :D. Have fun in Toulouse!- AJ

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