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Day 49: Cajarc to Limogne-en-Quercy

Aktualisiert: 27. Mai 2023

I'm so hungry today! The sort of all-encompassing hunger you only know when you're s hiker in the wilderness after weeks of wandering around!

The day is hot and dry but I don't want to complain. I definitely prefer it over the rain the last couple of weeks!

I made the mistake to skip Breakfast as I had a late start yet again. Turns out there's not a single market or anything between the towns today tough so... hunger it is! Stupid mistake yet again!

Even the few things that WOULD be there are all closed as we're still off season. And I was so excited about the name 😬!

At least I stumbeld over a Picnic site which was very lovingly decorated specially for us Pilgrims with fresh water and a bit of shade. A treat more than welcome in this heat!

Also: only 1252km to go! So almost there 🤪!

Pro-tip: If you're hot, find a cold pool to soak your tired feet and your core-temparature will fall immediatly 😬!

Later when I started from the place I managed to walk straight on the wrong direction 😳. I must've looked very convincing tough as a group of other Pilgrims followed me and only on top of the hill we realized our mistake... I felt pretty bad but hey, I never claimed to know what I'm doing!

I managed to make the last 10km pretty fast. It's Interesting, how motivating hunger can be!

When I arrived at Limogne I bought myself a loaf of bread and stuffed my face with it. I was just SO hungry I could barely think straight. On the Campground I then had a nice surprise when the Landlady offered me a Caravan for 30 Euros. A real bed? Privacy?!? I didn't had to think twice about THAT! Especially because I was quite in pain and overheated... Inhave to take better care of the sun from now on or it'll get dangerous... I react pretty heavy to direct UV light!

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29 may 2023

I walked 10km today. It took me 3.5h with two breaks for eating, I don't know how you do it! Granted, I had my tiny dog with me and she slowed me down a bit, but I'm quite tired and hungry again 😂. And how can you skip breakfast?!? What about SECOND breakfast?! - AJ

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27 may 2023

Didn't you wear your new hat? The sun can be so dangerous! Also, I had to reread twice when you mentioned walking 10km without having eaten.... I wouldn't be able to make one! 😂

Stay safe and take better care, we want you back some day!! -JJ

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