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Day 48: Dolmen to Cajarc

I loved to Cowboy Camp again. Saw the stars above me and it's delightful to be woken by the raosing sun. My Sleeping bag got a bit wet at the feet so I have to dry it for a bit before I can start walking.

A Butterfly landed on it and stays there for half an hour now. I wonder why? The colour? Or maybe it's warm?

I don't plan too long a day today. Maybe 20 Kilometers or so. Need to find food as at the moment I only have some Chocolate left.

Yesterday was hard and I have some sore spots on my ankle looking to disgusting to post. I have to heal them as this sort of stuff can i flame and hurt like a Bitch!

Aaaaaaah and finally here they are! My beloved Dolmen! As majestic and mysterious as ever! The ones on Trail have a barrier around it unfortunately but that's okay. Better than having stupid Tourists messing with them...!

A little off Trail there was another Dolme but interestingly enough it wasn't allowed to go near it as they were in the middle of sn excavation. I find this especially intersting because I've never seen a Dolme where Archeologists were digging around and also I just read a report where a specialist was guessing that 75% of all Neolouthic sited in france are yet to be excavated in a professinal manner.

I was always surprised how little work the french Gouvernment put into the historical examination of their own pre-history. But I was also intrigued as I always dreamed about digging and finding some treasures myself...

I really really like it here! I dig the nature and there are these wonderful stone structures everywhere. They are all drywalls and it's impossible to guess their age.

They could as easily be from the second century, built by the romans in Gaulle or from the 1990s when some local farmers wanted to keep their cattle in. Or everything inbetween or all at once... since they build their walls with the exact same stones and in the exact same way for thousands of years it is really impossible to guess and I find this fact very intriguing indeed 😬.

I didn't made too many Kilometers today. Maybe 15 or so. Which makes me be like 1.5 days behind schedule. But I won't stress now! I enjoy making sightseeing way too much and I find that I'm still close enough to my plan, especially seeing how many unplanned problems I faced along the way.

The Picture won't do it justice but I just saw the BIGGEST Pig ever! I swear it was more like a little Horse, just humongous! I could've easily ridden it if it would let me... hmmm... that's actually a cool Idea! I should get me a big Sow and ride it along the Trail! That would be super epic 💪🏻!!!

Later I stumbeled over a Picture of Treebeard which is funny because I just listened to the chapter in which te Ents attack Isengard. That's a cool coincidence.

Walking into Cajarc was really cool. It's a pretty big place and quite famous for several reasons. Like as the residence of the french President Pompidou (Succesor of de Gaulle), several Dolmes (and other prehistoric sites) and the fact that it once got destroyed by orders of Cardinal Richelieu.

On the way down in stumbeled over an epic cave right on the side of the Camino. It's a cool place to just hang out and I would've loved to camp in there! But I really need a shower and it's also quite a way down into the village so I think I'll just hit the local Campground.

Today was super cool so far and I hope it'll stay that way at least for a bit. It's just what I was hoping this part of France would be!

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May 29, 2023

With the help of a carrot and a fishing rod you'll be able to ride that pig anywhere, I'm sure 😏 - AJ

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