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Day 47: Figeac to Dolmen

Wow, almost half time! That's always a bit exciting. I remember vividly how I reached the 50% point on the PCT. I was so proud and yet SO frustrated because you already did so much and to think you'd do the exact same distance yet AGAIN seems impossible!

Todays Highlight will be a Dolme along the way. I always loved seeing them even since I went to France for Holiday as Child with my parents.

I'm weary and my feet hurt as a result of the two 30km marches tge last two days. I have trouble

finding my pace today and altough it is almost 17:00 I still haven't managed more than 14km.

My plan at the moment is to reach the Dolm and put up my tent there.

It's a quite day today and funny enough I have barely seen any other Pilgrims the whole day long.

Didn't make it to the Dolme because I just don't have it in me today. I'm just so, so tired and my feet wont proberly move...

I was excited when I saw a Campground on the map and made haste to get there in time - just to realize they closed the thing permanently last year because the owners retired! Oh man!!! And NOTHING about that on the Website of course!

So, turns out it has its good sides too because by chance I discovered another Dolmen just outside the Village, so I'm now still able to sleep next to one like I planned! Maybe I can Cowboy Camp next to it (without tent) and then crawl under it if it starts to rain after all?

Soooo... turns out it IS a Dolmen but not the one with the big stone roof but one which is just an empty hole in the ground 😬. Ah well, it'll do! I put my Camp next to it and trust the weather websites that the night remains dry.

I'm curious if the Dolmen I cross tomorrow will be bigger...

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Wow, cowboy camping!! I'd be too scared of all the critters and spiders crawling into my mouth while I was sleeping 😳 - AJ

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