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Day 46: Livinhac to Figeac

Aktualisiert: 24. Mai 2023

T'was hard to get up and leave the little Caravan thingy at the Campground this Morning. Luxuries DO tend to lull you in and try to keep you down...

It is quite the warm day today whenever the sun is out and to my dislike I had to take my Robe off for a bit as it was just too uncomfortable wearing it.

Also my water intake is far higher than before and I felt it when I didn't had any water left for like half an hour. Already I got a dry mouth and felt weird... I have to take better care and keep my Bottle filled up at all times!

Oh man, when I crossed a little lake today I so wished I coukd cump in for a swim like we always did on the PCT! But it's still too cold and somehow I didn't feel like it. I'm still too much stressed to make my Kilometers deep down... I have to work on letting that nonsense go and just enjoy the moments!

Later it started to thunder on the Horizon and for hours it looked as if the storm would start at any minute.

All of as sudden BAM it started raining like nobodys Business! As if under a fully open shower with huge raindrops and thunberbolts left and right! That was some serious shit there...

It only took minutes and the whole Trail was nothing but a running stream! Not gonna lie, for almost an hour I felt pretty awful and even a bit scared when lightning struck just like a Kilometer away from me 😳.

I did make it obviously but it was awfully awful! Short time later I made it to a Campground and managed to wash my stuff and have a few Beers with Jerry from Amsterdam. So at least the rest of my day was decent..

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May 23, 2023

Don't let the dirty French water tempt you, it might poison you by mere touch 😳 - AJ

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