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Day 38: Montbonnet to Monistrol

First of all: sorry that my Blog entry from Yesterday just ended apruptly but I tried editing it and so far I had no luck. Some issue with the Software I assume. It seems to be broken.

I'll just tell the rest further down below in todays entry...

Today I feel like 70 - 80% good again which I'm very happy about indeed. I met so many People on the Gite Yesterday it is unreal!

This is a Group of french People doing the Camino together and were with me at the same place. When they saw me today they were all super excited because of my gear and overall appearance so I had to pose for them like a stupid Catwalk model 😁. I then took a photo of them taking photos of me because that's just fair. So that's a POV of how I felt.

Here's the rest of my entry for Yesterdays Blog:

"... I have to think about starting to book ahead maybe. Then again I still have my tent.

Finally I could experience my first proper Pilgrim dinner where everyone sits around a table talking and getting to know one another. I was joining altough I didn’t eat anything for fear what it would do to my stomach :/

They were fully booked of course so they put me in a bed in the cellar which I gladly took!

Lucky for me there was a Canadian Couple living in New Zealand I could join for conversation all evening. My french is slightly improved but still far from being good enough to express myself decently. The understanding gets pretty okay tough…

The cool Landlady gave a big speech about roadsigns, elevation and sunscreen as everyone else has their first day today. Pretty basic stuff but when she came to the dangers of watersources I immediatly felt like a beginner again myself. She took me several times as example, good and bad. She also called me an “Opportuniste” which I’m still not so sure what to make of. I think she meant I’m one of the People “winging” it and just take every opportunity coming his way with very low standarts and few expectations. So okay. That’s fair I guess. But I like my style (when it ain’t making me feel like dying that is).

I felt a lot like on the first night before starting the PCT like with all the new People around and everyone having their first day (exept me) and being excited. There even was what we called a "Hikerbox" back than which is just a big collection of random thing being left behind by People realizing they packed WAY too much stuff.

I’m curious how tomorrow will turn out. Hope to feel all good again and hopefully I can also start eating dinner with the others too.  It’s such a big part of the Camino experience and sometimes the highlight of the whole day even.

That’s all that comes to my mind right now. “Not bad, not terrible” is todays judgement."

End of Yesterdays Entry

I was the last one leaving the Albergue today. Had to pack everything cleanly and wasn't in the mood to hurry. Then I thought I lost my Family Ring for a minute and freaked out but of course it just slipped off in my backpack. But after losing my beloved Hat and Goggles I'm getting a bit paranoid. That's usually a sign that I'm tired tough and tends to get away again.

I enjoy todays walk much more than Yesterday so far. I feel, the further away from Le Puy I get the better I feel. Love the little houses on the way and of course meeting all the other Pilgrims and talk! I must've been really lonely lately.

We're close to Gévaudan now where in the year 1764 a huge wolfbeast attacked and killed 100+ People! Much of it is Legend by now but an intiguing one anyway.

All wolfs I saw today were very good boys tough.

It was so strange to constantly see bladders of other Pilgrims roaming around.

I assume that the staggering amount of People at the moment is because of the proximity to Le Puy as well as the fact that there's yet ANOTHER long weekend coming up in France. So there'll be plenty of Tourigrinõs abound the next week and after it'll probably be way simpler again. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

It's funny but I'm by far the youngest and fastest on Trail. Every single other person is 45+ at least and not very trained at that.

Even tough I started way after everyone else I managed to catch up and overtake almost everyone. And I thought I was in such a sorry state and still sick... well... it's probably both still true but at least I FELT good for a bit.

I had "Lunch" on this pittoresque old ruin with a breathtaking view. Ate a couple of Chips and drank some water with a tablet against digestive problems. That's all I wanted to risk.

I decided to call it wuits after only 17km. I just don't feel like more at the moment. Found a Gite whose owner is a wonderfully excentric elder man called André. He talks and talks even if I don't understand half of what he's saying.

The house is a bit weird with him sleeping just somewhere in an in-between room and with 30 Euro it's pretty pricey altough it includes dinner and breakfast. But I don't care. It's a bed and a shower and Toilet so I'm happy.

Everyone calls me "Opportuniste" now from

afar when they spot me. Still have to find out if that's a slur or not.

Later I'll try and eat Dinner. We'll see how that becomes me. I'm actually a bit afraid but also I'm also starting to get hungry and a bit dizzy because I'm not eating enough for my calorie outtake.

Update: tried to eat dinner, was a bad idea. I started to cramp and I think I got fever again. Great. So much for my 70-80% good again 😖

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May 16, 2023

Don't you DARE lose the ring my dying father gave to me! That would surely be the start of a huge family feud, with his ghost coming back to haunt us - I'd make you go back to search for it every cm of the Camino! 😂

Love the concept of a Hikerbox, very smart - AJ


May 15, 2023

I hope your stomach gets well very soon. Being hungry is the reason 90% of the times I'm in a bad mood, so I hope you'll enjoy it more when you've had a nice meal! - JJ

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