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Day 37: Le Puy to Montbonnet

Had a hard time sleeping as my stomach is still at war with whatever I offended it with. When morning came I was pleasantly surprised that the morning mass at sunday is on 10:30 so I could sleep in.

The mass was pretty nice altough I was disapointed not to see anybody of the other Pilgrims I met Yesterday there. I was so hoping to at least see Alester there :(. Maybe they all wanted to hike out sooner because it lasted until almost noon. I wasn‘t in the mood to walk but I was certainly ready to leave Le Puy behind me. I didn‘t had a very good time there for obvious reasons.

I actually wanted to try again to get my hands on an at least somewhat decent Guidebook but guess what?! The whole town has NOTHING! All books are either about the Via Gebenennsis which makes NO sence since we're just now on the END of that one!!! Who needs that here?!???? Or they are about the Camino Frances in SPAIN! Y'know... 800km from Le Puy... 🤨. And the rest was just french so...

I did fimd a cool Shell - Pin for my hat tough which I like. In the middle ages they wore their real shells on their giant hats so that's kind of my reminisence to that... but I'd feel a bit better with my physical copy of Guidebook I must say...

Looking back my return to the Camino was't so great but at least it had some beautiful little details here and there. Like this overgrown door into nowhere for example.

The weather was again changing all the time

and I also had to take my Umbrella out. I wished this weather would finally change! It gets on my mood!

On some places the Trail was cometely underwater! It must've rained without break for days now!

I had my absolute lowpoint when on one part the Trail was just becoming a creek. That's were I draw the line. I just took the detour over the field on the side. Needless to say I wasn't the only one. Not the most polite thing to do but it wasn't like a proper field and I don't think anybody will care.

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16 may 2023

I LOVE flooded stuff!! Something about water gathering somewhere it's nof supposed to be, like changing an ecosystem. And it's so squelchy to walk through 😍. But maybe do it in your crocs, because who likes wet socks? - AJ

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14 may 2023

It's 19:50; where's the rest of the entry? I'm waiting! How else am I to live a life of adventure, if not by proxy? - JJ

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15 may 2023
Contestando a

First of all that’s sad as fuck and second: I really want to edit it but I can’t for some reason… I’m working on it tough….

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