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Day 36: Zero-day in Le Puy-en-Velay

Aktualisiert: 14. Mai 2023

Missed the mass because I was too tired to hear my alarm ringing - which usually never happens.

Ah well, I go tomorrow... It might be for the best because my stomach rumbles so loud it might would've distracted the poor pastor đŸ€Ș. I feel that there's still a war going on inside me and I hope it'll vanish during the day. Because I'd NOT like to hike out in this condition...!

The weather is absolutely awful, it rains constantly and it is freezing cold! I pity everyone who's on the Trail just now. I hope

it'll be better til tomorrow!

Just ate my first normal food in form of a Sandwich and so far everything feels good. I was poitively starving so I thought my body knows best.

Tried to to all my chores and get repair tape, a Guidebook, my laundry and a shave done. So far I only managed the Laudry tough. I misjudged the size of that town and hoped for

more Pilgrim-specific stores as they have in Spain along the Camino. They do have a Pilgrimshop to be fair but it's full with low-quality stuff and random items like one of these random chinese haberdasheries where you can get everything from a waving cat to a frying pan and a living parrot. Also the shopowner always stood close beside me the whole time pretending to do something but she only threw the hiking staffs around randomly.

I try for the shave tough. Because I'm NOT climbing these volcano-mountain thingies with a bazillion steps when it rains as if the next flood is coming! And other than that I'd have nothing else to do but hanging around in my studio and sleep or watch a movie or so. Because it is really, really cold and very, very wet and I'm not in the mood for any more sightseeing. Did that the whole morning and it's just not great in this weather and all alone.

Finally I look like myself again! I don't like too much facial hair and I think I look like five years younger without any. It was interesting going to a barber for a shave but I must say it was probably the best one I ever gotten...

While walking around I found some random other Pilgrims - all easy to spot with their backpacks and rain capes on - walking towards something so I spontaneously decided to follow them.

Turned out it was a Pilgrim meeting by the cathedral I never heard of. A get-together to share experiences and expectations and maybe meet some first friends for the upcoming time.

I was the only one who has done so many weeks already. Almost all of them are doing only small parts and every other person I spoke to just arrived here by train.

Met my new friend Allister from England there. An elder Gentlemen with a rich history indeed. We connected immediatly and we decided to have dinner together. We talked forever and I plan to see him at the Mass which this time I REALLY mean to go to! Third time's the charm...

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May 16, 2023

Maybe the Böögg was right about this summer... - AJ


May 14, 2023

I hope you're better on sunday and that the weather gets nicer! However, the story about having to walk the camino in what is probably the wettest may there was in history (it sure feels like it), is also great, and something you'll be able to tell your kids (or nieces and nephews) whenever they bitch about walking to school. "You know, back in MY DAY....".. So, hang in there!

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