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Day 32: Montfaucon to Saint Jeure

What a day! 25km but in RAIN and with elevation! That stuff can keep you down man!

I just realized that I'm now longer on my way than I was ever on the Camino in 2013! That's pretty insane, seeing how many Adventures I had there and how much it changed my Life!

On the other hand I can't even recall what I did after 31 Days on the PCT... probably drinking or being miserable in the desert or both đŸ€Ș

Today was gnarly to say the least! It rained all day and I barely crossed a village - and when I did there wasn't a shop or a Restaurant or anything!

Started well enough in good weather at the local church which - of COURSE - didn't had a stamp ready. What's just wrong with these churches! You have ONE little Job which is to be open and provide a tiny little stamp for stinky Pilgrims so they can be super duper proud of themselves and fill their Passport - but NO! We usually get maybe ONE stamp a day and more often than not from some store or a Post office... what nonsense! Can't the Vatican sell one of their bazillion statues and make sure every church on the Camino has a darn stamp?!?

But they had a nice statue of Jeanne d'Arc which is nice.

I also found a nice little depiction of Dr. Martin Luther King which was very random and which amused me for exact this reason.

Other than that my day STANK! Rain all the time and the same boring surroundings I had for the past week! At least soon I'll get near Le Puy-en-Velay with its volcano hills and whatnot so that'll be an exciting change of scenery I hope.

Look at this crap! Doesn't it make you want to go back into your warm bed with a hot Choco? Because it does ME for shizzle!

Because I wasn't in the mood of falling into some shallow little creek I decided to fill up my water bottle whenever O crossed a house from which the rain dropped. Don't you judge me! Better than falling into a little river and being COMPLETELY wet to the bone, eh?

Just another impression of the Trail. I'm starting to be glad that Zig isn't with me as I'd feel awful to force anybody into this misery with me! It sure is the way of the Universe to punish me for the 5 Month+ dry days on the PCT...

I initially planned to press on and get a Hotel but - again - didn't had it in me. 25km is enough and I learned about me that I dislike hiking for longer than like 18:00 or so. My body just gives up after ten hours hiking. What a Wuss I've become!

So I opted for Plan B which as always inclines me getting as drunk as possible in the only Bar around and then putting up my tent where hopefully nobody'll see me. Worked quite good so far! Had a nice surreal discussion in our extended Family Chat about Incest ("a game for the whole family") befor finally heading out again.

I wished I could show you all the beauty of the view I had after leaving the bar! It is astonishingly awesome here all of a sudden! But I'm not good enough of a Photographer so a little idea has to be sufficient...

Now I'm lying happy enough in my tent and thinking about this and that and all the people I miss.

If I make it to Le Puy-en-Velay tomorrow I'll be perfectly in time with my schedule. If not then not. Who cares tough? I lost all sence of time and that's just the way I want it!

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May 10, 2023

I agree, I'm glad I didn't hike out of Lyon with you. Looks like it's been nothing but misery. But keep your chin up and hike on!!


May 09, 2023

We made it into the post, yayyy! Though you were the reason for all that talk about incest xD. How many stamps SHOULD you be getting a day? And - are you drinking from creeks? Is that safe? 😳 - AJ

May 12, 2023
Replying to

Of course I had to add the Incest part. And as you can see NO it was stupid as now I‘m lying in my bed suffering from food poisoning

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