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Day 30: Nowhere to Nowhere

God it's so WET! Started the day in mild rain but was able to break up camp in relative dryess.

My description of "Nowhereness" might be a bit misleading. I merely try to say that I didn't stop in any town but rather wherever there is a flat space by the time I'm tired. Yesterday I set my tent near Bourg-Argental and today I'm somewhere near Montfaucon-en-Velay.

Wisely I resupplied in the only open Supermarket as today is Sunday and without and possibility for a Restaurant and tomorrow is yet ANOTHER free day for the french and God knows what will be open then of anything at all!

When looking for my stamp I so happen to arrive precisely when mass started. So I stayed because I find it rude just to leave during the thing and also I know people dig Pilgrims in tje church. When I finished and dissapointed the priests with my inability to speak their language altough THEY only speak french I finally got to my stamp. And who else do I find in the Guestbook but Lili :)... Turnes out she's about a day ahead of me.

See, I knew she'd be a fast one!

It's cold today so I wore my beloved sheepskin vest for most of the day. I'm so glad to have it with me altough I was sceptical at first.

Other than that it was just rain, rain and even more rain! And depending on what source you ask it wont stop raining for at least one more day. Jipyyyyie! As bone dry as the PCT was for the first five month, as wet is europe turning out to be so far...

Whenever I wanted a bit of shelter I had to take refuge in on of the many creepy and abandoned tunnels that are all around here. No idea what their purpouse is/was but they are HUGE and I would've liked to go deeper and explore them but I have miles to do...

Made pretty okay mileage today and now I found a little shelter with some flat ground nearby to put up my tent. It even has a bench and a little table so I consider that quite the luxury. The only downside is that I don't have much energy left so I can't watch a movie or write too long or anything like that. Tomorrow first thing I'll have to find a plug :/...

Wish me a dry and somewhat warm night please... tomorrow I'm looking for something inside for sure!

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May 09, 2023

I hope it stops raining soon, although the bad weather makes for a good story :) - AJ


May 07, 2023

Am 8. Mai 1945 hat Nazi - Deutschland kapituliert. Daher Feiertag in Frankreich

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