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Day 29: Le Buisson to Nowhere

Had a great night and it worked! I actually want to go on! My thoughts of aborting my Trails were ever just so brief but nontheless one should have an eye on such shameful ideas! Thinking about this kind of possibilities only leads one to maybe actually give into them so we shouldn't ever feed them with too much attention!

Better to put every bit of energy towards the legs!

It's hot today so mu robe stays strapped to my backpack. Less stylish maybe but at least I don't overheat because I walk with a wool blanket over my shoulders!

A little monument promised me thst there are only 1600km parting me from Santiago and that I'll have yet another Restday in 100km when I reach Le Puy-en-Velay. Now THAT sounds good 😬

Had a great day with about 25km+. Had a couple of beers in the last town and now I'm lining in my tent, slightly drunk and with a bit of storm around me in the middle of nowhere

The weather here is so interesting snd is changing like all the time!

Despite the most professional and endearing commercial ever I chose to press on in the hope I'd reach the next campground safely. This proved to be a fools errand as when I finally exited the last town slightly tipsy it began to storm over me!

Right now I'm sitting most comfortably beside the Camino in my tent with some food left and being dry... what more could anybody want? I'm so blessed ❤️

Look, I even got some bread and cheese left! I feel like the King of France himself!

Now I'll fall asleep with thunder and rain above me. Just the way that makes me happiest...

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May 09, 2023

I got that feeling you had in the tent a few times while van-camping. Storm outside, but you're inside in your cozy little cocoon, eating mondane food that feels like the biggest luxury 🥰 - AJ

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