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Day 28: Clonas to Le Buisson

My nose is running! Like all the time! Ziggy meant it could be me being allergic like to pollen or so - Gosh I hope not!! I never had problems like these in the past and I was under the impression that I'd never have to deal with it! Turns out stuff lile that can just spontaneously develop 😑. Yeah. Cool.

Woke up at 6 and because it was so cold I decided to start walking. The only Restaurant open was a little Sportsbar who sold Magazines (People still read those?!) so I made the best of it and had a Breakfast for Champions, consisting of a hot Coco, a glass of orange Juice and a Kinder Bueno.

I'm very excited to be back on the Camino! As much as I enjoyed my time in Lyon, the way was always in the back of my head. Now that I'm

back I feel great and I'm very happy to walk again.

The weather so far is perfect, sunny but a but just a tiny bit windy. Love the view towards the mountain range named "Pilat" where the Camino will lead trough next. The sun is shing and the flowers are flowering and all is good :).

The view has a bit of a Toscan-y vibe. Beige and orange houses in front of almost pre-desert like colours. I love to see stuff like that change part by part. It will become more distinctive the closer I'll get to Spain I presume.

Not much to say about that one exept... did they make a typo on a village sign?!

It's nice to see the shells again and all the info signs explaining what on earth we're doing. Feels like being back.

For Lunch I had a great experience when in the pittoresque old town of Chavanay I was invited by a Trio of Grandmother, Daughter and Granddaughter to eat Lunch with them. Did I ever say the french were unfriendly...? Yes I did because they are but those three were awesome 😬! I didn't made photos because

some moments should be lived and not documented.

As its very much known my grasp of the french language is beyond laughable and they barely spoke english but we came by anyway. That's the magic of People who actually WANT to communicate.

The church didn't had a stamp which always makes me a bit angry but they made up for it with nice Pilgrim Art.

The weather changed between hot, cold, wet and windy and I loved my robe for being so versatile in this regard. It did manage to

make me very tired tough as I had to change stuff constantly.

In a charming little chapel outside I enjoyed some interesting decorations... I will tell more of that if and when I reached Leon tough because the tradition stems from there actually.

Next to the invitation my highlight absolutely was this marker:

Wow - "only" 1631km to go! That means I soon will have managed half of my kilometers until Santiago! How exciting...

I shortened my day because I couldn't find the last 9km in me đŸ˜©. I did 23.5km and quite a bit of elevation and that has to be enough! I'm good in my schedule and I have no inclination whatsoever to to stress myself! I guess this night was more awful than I first reslized because I feel completely beaten and sore. Now I allowed myself a bed and a room tough because I need it.

Cause I catched myself fantasizing about quitting and that's a red flag if there ever was one. And the only perscription against such nonsense is the bare minimum of societal luxury.

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I hope you suvived the scheduled extinction! 😂. Take it easy, don't quit! The world will look better again in the morning- AJ

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