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Day 27: Lyon to Clonas

Aktualisiert: 5. Mai 2023

So I decided to stay for a while longer today, buy some luxury stuff like another set of underpants or Sunglasses and head back on Trail sometime this evening. I'll catch up in Clonas, only a bit from where I stopped the day before Yesterday. I have to because it's literally the only place ON the Camino that can be reached in normal time from Lyon. Everything else would take hours on end with changing Busses and Trains and that only IF I'm lucky enough to get any of them today. Sometimes they only stop like twice a week in these little Towns you see...

Spent my morning packing and looking for a pair of sunglasses and underwear. I enjoyed walking trough the town all by myself as I usually do. The others slept meanwhile as parents like to do whenever they don't have to work and their little ones allow them.

I love to discover small awesome details by random encounter. When I'm in the mood for it I sometimes look at monuments or architecture or fountains for ever, discovering little details and take my time.

On this day I wished I had drawing utensils with me to sketch a little. I miss that. I even carried a Sketchbook and Pencils with me at the start but it was way too much weight and I simply don't find the time sketching as my days are so full with walking. And when I'm not walking I want to spend time with my Friends or resupply or sleep or writing this Blog!

That's one of the big misunderstandings of many new Hikers. They take Books and Computers and whatnot with them in the naive understanding that now they'd have all the time in the world as if they were on Holiday on a Cruiseship... needless to say, most books find themselves o their way home or in a bin after ten days 😬...

When I finally found a good outdoor store I was sceptically looking for a pair of sunglasses. I really need them as my eyes get tired otherwise and my hood can only ever help me so much altough more then expected!). I wasn't inspired tough as I loved my glacier glasses that I lost together with my hat. I wasn't looking forward to just a pair of generic ones.

But miracles above miracles! I actually found the exact same pair of glasses I wore back on the PCT! What are the chances?! Same colour and everything! That really excited me.

Also now I again own a second pair of underwear like a Prince! Feels good man 😬.

Later when the sleepyhead parents were awake we met up again and again spent some hours together, talking about everything and shared memories of the times on the PCT. It's funny how much more vivid and closer my memories are here on the Trail. At home it seems like such a distant ocurrence that happened to somebody else. But here... I sometimes while waking up even think I'm still on the Westcoast sonetimes until I remember where I am.

Zig was in full Dad-mode and phographed all the time. I particulary like this photo by Hanna showing me dancing on a fountain (and almost falling in) while Zig is taking Pictures with his fancy retro camera.

We had such a magical afternoon and leaving them again was so HARD! Who knows when we manage to see each other again?! Baby Mila will probably already be married by the time :(...

But let go we must.

If I hadn't gone back now I'd have lost my groove again and I still have SO many miles to go! So there's nothing to be made. I caught the next train back to nowheretown france. Of course I still had to walk for two more hours to then actually REACH the Camino but by now I don't expect anything less.

Not much to tell about my way to Clonas. Once again I was walking besides a road with cars and I'm really looking forward to the natural paths again!

Shortly before Clonas something weird happened when a Car stopped and a Guy was - not unfriendly - asking me what I was doing. But when I told him what I was doing he somehow spit out "POUTIN" which means like "shit" or "whore" and drove off in a francy. I was still perplex when all of a sudden he changed direction driving with high speed towards me. I don't know why but I didn't move and he was forced to do a manouver and his car made a weird zigzag before driving off, this time for good!

I gave him the internationally understandable sign to bugger himself with my finger and went on. What even was that?! I think, he must've been drunk or a crazy person or both. I tend not to think about these things too hard. Who knows whats going on in some peoples head?

I then put up camp in a little forest part outside the village. It was far too late to check into the Campground I didn't had the 30 min+ walk in me by this time. But that's exactly why I carry my tent and the other stuff around :)

Had a cold and windy night but felt surprisingly relaxed afterwards. I still love sleeping outside.

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May 06, 2023

STEAMPUNK GLASSES YESSSS! Also, crazy people be crazy! 😳 - AJ


May 06, 2023

Yes, those are the same glasses:


May 06, 2023

I'm so happy you got to spend so much time with Sig, Hanna & Mila. I can't wait to see the pictures he took of your time together. Here's a little memory for ya

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