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Day 26: Zero-day in Lyon

Aktualisiert: 4. Mai 2023

So, here I am! That was fast! I remember when Lyon was FOREVER away!

Lazy me just takes a well deserved rest day today. I need to resupply some stuff, get a new hat and whatnot. And I hope to make sightseeing with the Ziggies. It will be nice to have a Baby around again as I miss my Nieces and Nephews.

I could barely get up from being just so incredibly exhausted but we managed to make it out in the streets around 11. Had a great time sightseeing amd made a little tour trough all the highlights of the Town like the art district, the Basilica, the roman theaters and the gardens. It's all very close together and altough we were walking like 1km/h Babyspeed we made it all until Dinner 😬.

Couldn't make all my resupplied but I plan them today before heading back to the Trail in the evening. But I DID get a new hat so that's something...

Loved the Basilica and we actually got special permission to see stuff ususally closed to the public because of my status as Pilgrim(thank you Robe for showing everyone what I am 😬). That felt quite nice tbh. It wasn't allowed to make pictures so we didn't make any out of respect. There are some awesome ones on Google tough:

From outside it totally looks like a Disney castle!

They had an enormous mosaic depicting St. James and the stations of his life which badffled me as Lyon isn't even an official point of the Camino. It probably was in the past tough and maybe they just like us too 😎.

Right outside the cathedral are the ruins of a huge roman Theater (well actually two) and we spent time discussing how it might've been to be a spectator back then and how good tjey were at building when the ruins are still standing after 2000+ years!

We made a lot of - probably- cool fotos of me in my robe in the ruins, some even with Baby Mila but they are either on Ziggis Phone or still undeveloped on his fancy hipster camera that has actual film in it.

On our madatory Alcohol break I had a great time watching Baby Mila wanting to steal all the food from Mom and Dad. She almost catched the Beer one time! She'll for sure start eating solid food every minute but they wisely desided to wait until they're back in the states... and also that maybe it shouldn't be Beer 🤪

I must confess, as bad as my first impression was, the City grows on me. There ste beautiful corners and a nice litte Art Scene. I would consider coming back on time.

Later on the "Place Bellecour" I recalled how the french liked big open nonsensical spaces and amswering Ziggis Question as to why I theorized that before the revolution they had military parades showing off, than during the revolution they liked to behead the rich there and since after the revolution they liked to make famers markets there.

I proposed to him that behading one or two Millionaires publicly by Gioulltine might help in the US to get all the other Rich Douches in line and he promised me to think about it and talk to the other Americans back home about the idea. Now that's what I call cultural enrichment!

Or would it be de-richment... 🤔?

We ended our day with Dinner bought by Big Ziggy and I missed him dearly that evening. I wished he'd have come over too...

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May 06, 2023

Nice hat! :) - AJ


Daniel Jacot
Daniel Jacot
May 03, 2023

So you should look out for a "Bonneterie" and ask for a "casquette à visière". Not for a "képi" which is similar, but part of military and police uniforms.

You see, French is easy!

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