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Day 25: St. Genix to Lyon

Pray forgive my delay in posting but I had a stressfull day and - which is the far more important factor - I was very short on electricity and had to safe what little I had!

Spent the night on a quite primitive Camping Ground in St. Genix. I was once again SO glad for my Tent because everything else was booked as it was the 1st of May holiday. Arrived too late because I had a little rest in the only open Restaurant and some Locals insisted on buying me drinks - and as you know as a Pilgrim I might not dare refuse 😬

As there was nobody on the Reception I just put up my tent and payed on the other morning. Tje Guy was super surprised and pleased that I didn't just steal away which I think is a bit sad. Things like that seems a given and I'm sad that there are so many dishonest Douchebags taking advantage of every situation.

The downside was that there wasn't sny electricity to be found and the showers were ice cold so I had to start stinky and with very little in terms of battery power. Which wouldn't be an issue normaly as I still have my Guidebook BUT I planned to reach Lyon that Day to meet up with my Boy little Ziggy (who I hiked with back in 2018 on the PCT). He's in France by shere coincidence too for Holidays o we had to meet up for shizzle!

Which therefore meant I had to go OFF Trail to catch the nearest public Transport to Lyon. So I had no chance but to navigate with the little battery power! Not mi ch in regards of listening to Podcasts or writing Blogs that way you see,

It took forever to ge to te nearest station as France is a remote third world country with maybe half a Bus and probably three trains a week for the whole Country! And of COURSE I couldn't get hold of an UBER and nobody would ever consider hitching me. Damn French!

So walking it was, always with the stressful thought in my neck that if I wouldn't make it in time I would miss my one Train and therefore wouldn't be able to meet Zig! By noon I was so stressed out and sweaty and just beaten! All paved roads or boring fields and the weather was HOT... and not even a Podcast to take my mind off things 😢

Item: I made it in time! Not without having a last scare because it turned out my Train wasn't a Train but a Bus. I was SO nervous it would drive from somewhere else but the little station and everything would've been for nothing after all! But long story short: I made it and am now in Lyon :)!!

My overall impression of the City was absolutely awful to be honest... it sure had to do with my overall physical condition and the Fact that I haven't been in a proper city since Geneva but wow it looked like the last shithole on earth at first!

Everything's dirty and all the besutiful old monuments and buildings are tagged and sprayed. Then half of the Population is Arabs literally screaming in your Face while shoving you around or Algerians looking disgusted at your appearance - hey are a very proud People who would never go outside without designer clothes on you see. But the worst are of course the french taking about you behind your back and refuse to help you at all when you are struggeling with your heavy backpack and looking for a Bus.

Alas, at least my Backpacking hotel is awesome! I couldn' in good concience face Ziggy stinking as I was so I had to wash every single clothing item (as well as myself of course) no in my posession. Once again my Robe saved me and I can't recall what I did before in situations like that. Run around naked?!

When we finally met our reunion was as emotional and awesome as expected. Brother hasn't changed a bit and now has a wife and child with him.

We caught up and chatted away as if there wasn't a five year Gap and a worldwide pandemic since we last talked face to face. That was super awesome.

We were all looking for a Bistro and when we found one we were all starving and ordered WAY too much food. But even if it looks that way. I did NOT eat that all by myself... 😬.

Later when I was in my little Cubicle bed I was just so happy and relaxed. What a threat to be clean and warm and fed. Even in Lyon.

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May 03, 2023

Hiker hunger strikes again!!

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