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Day 23: Chanaz to Yenne

Left with heavy feet this morning but after I found my rhytm I FLEW over the Camino! So far my foot is going great, let's hope it stays that way.

The weather and scenery aren't anything to write home about. It's a cool day (thank God!) and the clouds hang low.

The Trail leads trough Fields and Hills of Grapevines. I have more Co-Pilgrims today than on every other day combinded! Altough I prefer walking alone today... I still wonder if that's a coincidence or if the Pilgrim Crowds already starts here!

Met a little Family with Grandma, Son and Granddaughter and the old woman was so fascinated that I had to explain everything to her while she translated it to french for the little Girl. I'm getting used to this kind of attention tough and getting pretty good at explaining and deflecting all the Questions.

After a gnarly climb and another walk trough one of those enchanted forests we had Lunch on a Treetrunk like true Hobos! I'm a bit surprised how fast I got back into this Lifestyle again! Luckily we planned ahead and bought enough Food to get us trough the day and hopefully some for tomorrow too as Monday is one of those french holidays they do so they have another excuse not to work again other than just strikes 🤪.

Our arrival in Yenne turned VERY weird VERY fast as we decided to walk a couple of miles more and booked a camping a bit further down the Camino. Nothing wrong with that BUT from

here there are two different Caminos of which one is super steep and difficult!

So we first got lost when we tried to find out which Street leads to which variant and then we mixed them up because only one leads to the Campground we planned to stay in 🤪. In my desperation I even started to re-adjust the signs because I thought they were wrong just to come back when we found out we were wrong STILL and put them back where they were 😝!

When we finally decided which one was the right one and started it a Miracle happened! Because out of absolutely NOWHERE our Friend Ulrike appeared at the monument after the first climb and told us not to go any further with our plan because it was SO steep that there wasn't a chance dor us to leave the Trail to reach the Campground without falling 300m off a cliff! What is the chance for us to be so unlucky and so lucky at the same time?! She seemingly was way faster than us and already made that part because it's her last day already and she wanted to enjoy the view. Without her we'd have made the insane climb and would still have missed our Goal...

I was so relieved that I even forgave her when she suggested that Lili would've made the climb but I'd have failed. I mean... okay?! I already walked almost the whole of Switzerland and before I crossed the USA and Spain but I see. I obviously don't make the best hiker impression 🤨.

So after all that back and forth and the insecurities Lili had enough and stormed away directly along the side of the Highway because she was just so unnerved and wanted to reach the destination. I on the other hand knew that's a plan prowned to fail and just stayed there to catch a hike as we did on the PCT all the time.

The french are all syphillitic Troglodytes tough and I had no luck. But then the last Miracle of the day happened and Ulrikes Usband showed up and took me to the Tentground in his Van.

The french can learn a thing or two from the Germans when it comes to politeness obviously!

We were then searching for Lili so we may help her but she was nowhere to be found! And after bringing me fast and safe to my tentground I found my weird sleepingplace for the day - a mix between a little playtower for kids and a tent. It's awesome actually and only cost me 20 Euros...

She wasn't there yet tough and I coudn't reach her either. So I started to worry. And after I waited forever on her I decided to continue waiting in the warm shower. But after she was STILL nowhere to be seen after I came back

I started to really be concerned.

Right before I started to check the number of the Police she wrote back tough! Turnes out she couldn't make it to here because she'd have to cross a private property which she didn't want to do so she turned around, went BACK to where we started and got a room there. Okay then... more Space for me 😙

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30 avr. 2023

Ist verlängertes Wochenende, weil morgen 1.Mai. Hab mich auch gefragt, wieso es in Badenweiler so voll ist🤣

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