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Day 21: Chaumant to Motz

Short day today (20km) but we felt every step because we really overdid it Yesterday.

We started around 9 and had to say Goodbye to our new friend Ulrike from Germany. She wanted to visit the ruins (see here in the background to the right) but we were still beaten and in no mood for any detour.

In Frangy we resupplied (I remember now why I was always of two minds on this subject because the pack gets HEAVY when you were in town!!!) and Lili sent home almost 1.5kg of Equipment. I did a traditional stripdown on her bag and she seems pretty glad for it. That means that I took all her gear she doesn't necessarily needs and threw it on the side. Then she has to decide if she wants to put it back or not. Us Hikers did it all the time to each other back on the PCT and it really helps with lowering ones packweight.

Later we had a real "Passierschein A38" moment with the french bureaucracy when a foulmooded woman in the Post office made a HUGE deal out of sending a damn package and had Lili fill out weird forms on a computer (in french) and put like a bazillion Stickers on he package as if it weren't just going to Switzerland but Papua New Guinea! The whole procedure took almost an hour and I enjoyed it quite a bit as it wasn't me who suffered trough this nonsense 😈.

That made us so gaga that we missed the Camino sign after we continued and made an awful detour on the side of a big road.

As I had the experience in navigating I took it upon me to get us back on the Camino without us having to go back on this awful street. It made me nervous as hell because I didn't want to get us deeper into the shit but I somehow managed it - not without almost overheating from the stress and my hot wool robe.

We both weren't in best spirits but Lili was really on edge today. Tried my best to be a calm

presence but I was kind of pissy myself. She bit trough like a Trooper tough like a real Pilgrim!

We met another Pilgrim with a weird (and kind of arrogant) attitude. He made fun on our behalf when he saw us sitting in front of a Albergue - where we wanted to get in but was full / resp. the private rooms were way too expensive for our taste.

He than claimed how he BOOKED it beforehand because BOOKING is important and without BOOKING you don't get a bed... ah book my foot for a bed in your Ass Douchebag!!!

That did it for Lili and I decided to end the day as well on this point. So we pressed on 20 mins to Seyssel and a Beer and from there jumped to an Albergue in Motz.

We now reached the River Rhône which is a big milestone and which we'll follow for a while now (yeiiii flat terrain ❤️).

Tomorrow we grudingly BOOKED our Albergue in Chanaz - even tough we still think the Guy's an Asshat. But maybe he got a point still.

Man, I hope that's not the beginning of the "Bedrace" where all the Pilgrims fight for the last unoccupied Beds... it's WAY too early for that! But even so I'm still carrying my tent so I have always a plan B...

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Apr 30, 2023

Is this the most popular time for the camino or is it always this busy? - AJ

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