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Day 19: Geneva to Neydens

Aktualisiert: 27. Apr. 2023

Time to leave all this luxury business behind me and join the Trail again! All this food and the fancy Toilets and not being hungry spoiled me for far too long already!

I don't know what my goal is today yet. I'm a day behind schedule which is completely okay tough I think. I knew that I'd go off the map as soon as I will reach France. I'll cross the boarder around noon and then I'll see what I'm in the mood for.

I'm happy to leave Geneva behind. As interesting as it is, I usually tire after two days in a big city.

It's a very sunny and beautiful day and often when I walk trough fields and I habe no shade it's almost a bit too hot. I'm excited to finalley reach the boarder! That's one thing that is way more satisfying on the Camino than the PCT in the USA.

Because here in Europe after two weeks walking you reach a completely new country with different languages and with new foods and customs and People - while on the PCT after two weeks you had just more Mojave and maybe a different sort of regional beer 😬.

The closer the border comes, the more excited I am! The Landscape becomes more French-y after every corner and at the same time all the flowers here start to bloom while ours sometimes aren't even out yet...

And than, just lime that, France!


So excited to cross the boarder! I know, it's just like a quarter of the whole Trail but is feels like a big important step. Tschüssikowski Schweiz 😬.

On the first little village I sat in front of the church and looked at the WWI memorial with the names of the fallen on the Somme offensive. It seem particulary surreal to to me to see these so close to the boarder. Brings into perspective how close Switzerland was to the war and how lucky we should consider ourselves to be alive. I have a lot of thoughts about that but I expect to see many such memorials and will have a lot of opportunities reflecting on this subject.

For now I'm in way too good of a mood to think about that. Met a charming Pilgrim at the Church with a great bubbly personality. We decided spontaneously to stay here as here's a great camping ground and why not? I'm only like 5 hours behind my plan and have no reason to hurry. So we stay here in a Common Room in Neydens, enjoy the weather and probably get drunk...

Afterthought: Yes we got drunk. Also I missed to say that Yesterday I saw 10 Hookers in Geneva. The thing that came to my mind was that they all looked exactly the same! The same hooker boots that make my feet hurt by looking at them, the same hair, the same skirt... wouldn't it make more sence to stand out? I would stand there in a Best costume or so if I wanted the attention of potential clients.

I asked one who looked laughingly at my robe if her feet don't get tired but she said she got used to it and that she's siting most of the time anyway. I saw that was true because they all sat lazily in chairs on the side of the street looking bored at their phones. Not a very professonal attitude if I may say so.

I wanted to ask her more Questions like if she's not cold in almost no clothes when it rains or if they have a hooker labor union defining the sexposition to money ratio but I couldn't afford talking to her longer 😬... they are on the clock after all!

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