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Day 18: Zero-day in Geneva

So you all know I'm a fraud and a lazy excuse and not a real Pilgrim at all and therefore it shouldn't come to anyones surprise that I decided to stay another day in Geneva instead of hiking out today.

The reasons are that I'm just TIRED in mind and body and need the rest. Also I still need to make some changes on my gear before I hit the unforgiving wilderness of France which will take time. And then: It's Geneva man! Want to see some of it before I go! Otherwise what am I even doing here? It's so stupid running trough places and always just thinking about doing miles instead of enjoying any of it. If I wanted that I could've bought a hometrainer and lock myself in the basement for three month!

And last but not least: It's my Camino and I do what I want 😬

Wanted to go to the Café de Paris for Dinner but Geneva is crazy expensive and I need to better balance my meager finances. had to buy three things for my gear and in all swiss fashion it cost me 100 Bucks! For something weighing NOTHING - which is also the point to be sure but it feels shit anyway 🤪.

Got exactly Chf 15.70 left which buys me a Sandwich for tomorrow and a Coke today and that's that. After that I will cross the boarder and from then on I have to try and pay with this weird Euro-Money I heard so much about. I thought they take pretty stones and chickens or so as payment but turns out they actually know of currencies over there. The more you learn!

I was too lazy to have adventures today and I didn't even wanna make pictures so here is one of me molesting the statue of a sphinx with what I assume are fake Boobs. She was asking for it tough.

I hear the Trail calling. Wherever I look it reminds me not to linger! Okay, okay I hear you!

Tomorow, I promise!

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25 avr. 2023

If you want to splurge a little, eat in the "Cafe de Paris" next to the train station. It's where the Café de Paris sauce was invented. You don't get a menu when you go there, because they only serve one thing: Entrecote with Cafe de Paris, a soggy salad and fries. It's very rude, so French, and abso-fucking-lutley delicious. (

25 avr. 2023
En réponse à

oh well. at least I tried 😂


25 avr. 2023

Oooo yeees Freedom🙏

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