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Day 16: Zero-day in Nyon

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2023

I originally planned my first off day in Geneva. But it was too far and also Nadine preferred to see Nyon anyway so here we are 😬.

Not much time to write because I want to enjoy our limited time together as much as possible.

I appreciate zero days for so many reasons. One being to feel like a "civilian" again. Showered and in different clothes and shaved and especially WITHOUT my usual packs! Freedom!!!

Not much to say about today that would be of any interest for anyone. Exept that it is interesting to me how much more intense every moment feels with the person you love when you were apart for a while. So much so that I'd even advise anybody in a relationship to do it just to have this feeling again.

I liked the chateau here which is full of art and historical curiosities. It wasn't Nadines coup of tea but she was a trooper anyway.

There was a random model monument of a grave that really touched me. It shows a broken gravecover in marble with a young woman inside like climbing out of it or somethig like that. On her breast is a little Baby and overall it was a unusual sight to say the least.

Turns out it was the model of a real existing gravesite somewhere near Berne. It tells the tragic story of a young woman in her 20s (!) who died in Childbirth but the father wanted the son who survived to remember his mother in the most positive way. So he had this monument made in which she is shown to be resurrected while holding her child in her arms.

It made me ashamed a bit of how I always bash religions for being completely retarded.

I mean, I never lost somebody so close and so young. How to even cope with such a tragedy? This mans solution was to imagine his beloved wife to resurrect one day in all her beauty and to be reunited with the child she never got to know in life.

In all my cynicism and naturalism I couldn't have offered this widower nor the child, who never got to know his own mother, any solace whatsoever.

It was his religious beliefs and a very talented artist who gave those people a way to cope what isn't even imaginable to me. I can only try to imagine the child visiting the grave with his father and him telling the little one about who his mother was and how he obviously loved her so so much.

FUCK I'm getting so sentimantal with age! What the shitfuckshit is wrong with me?!? I blame my Siblings who had nothing better to do but to breed like Rabbits and now I have like a bazillion nieces ans nephews to care about!! Death was always just a nuisance to be bested but now I have constant dreams about the little ones getting hurt and me being unable to save them... shit sucks man!

It is obviously a sideeffect of my pilgrimmage that I have time to feel those things so deeply. I was always very "lucky" in regards of my family and I feel as if I am pempered by my almost boring upbringing.

Today I can't help to think about those I lost. Both of my uncles for example who never liked me much. Or my grandfather who died on my birthday while on his way to me. Or my Grandmother who I never got to know as she died the year I was born. Or my OTHER Grandmother who was so cool as to die just exactly the way she wanted - she even waited until she saw everyone one last time before dying like a boss - how fucking cool is that please? And how about my other Grandfather leaving me enough money to do the PCT back in 2018? He never liked my style but I like to think he wanted me to live in the forrest for six month like a stinking Hobo somehow. And if not: bad luck because that's what I did with his stupid money 😬...

Dumbass Catholics with their deathcult everywhere! Bitches make me think about crap that was tidly buried deep in my subconciousness! Can't they leave me in my blissfull ignorance please?!?

Later today Nadine went home and I was an absolute wreck of course💔 (#simpbetacuck). A funny thing happened tough because she forgot to take the bag with all the stuff I gave her to take home (I changed some of my gear you see... ).

So she had to come back to get it and we had a nice little reunion for a couple of minutes AGAIN. It was hard to have her leave once more but also we had another beautiful moment on the Perron.

You see, Yesterday when I welcomed her in my unsahaved and unwashed Hobo-state she was of course a bit appalled - but today I wasn't both of it and we got to welcome each other properly this time around ❀. So maybe that counts as Camino Miracle of today? (Also I was invited to like five free Beers by a latin MILF but the other thing is more poetic...).

So sorrynotsorry Bitches but that's all for today... I'm in a cheapass Youthhostel tonight and tomorrow I'll try and reach Geneva.

I'm drunk and happy and save and what more could I ever want?

Todays lesson: you lose stuff so you may appreciate it all the more 😌

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