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Day 15 Lausanne to Nyon

About 30km to go today but as I'll meet up with my Girlfriend Nadine I'll gladly take them on. You know the drill: "I'll walk 500 miles and I'll walk 500 more just to be the man who stand right at your doooor..." 😬. Also since it is all next to the Lake there's no elevation to speak of which is a luxury for us Hikers.

Today the Mountains on the other side of the Lake aren't visible so with a bit of fantasy it looks like the sea. Pretty surreal and very beautiful.

The surrounding remind me of the Bretagne for some reason. It has probably something to do with the wind and the lake and the noises of the birds.

The Trail leads trough cute little parks with cute little memorials. It's a bit abstract after the wild forests and fields I'm used to. It got almost a bit boring after like 4 hours of it.

HAH that was epic!! Fell over an awesome group celebrating the Birthday of MĂ©ve (I hope hats how you spell her name đŸ€Ș). So we partied and we had just the most wonderful connection instantly ♄. Oh how I wished I could've stayed!!! What wonderful people (most of them Metalheads who I love anyway). But that is the Pilgrim Life... however great a time is you need to go on 😱. "Let go we must" I wrote in the beginning somewhere and I feel the truth of that words so deeply right now.

Also they gave me funny stuff and now I fly over the Camino. But as per tradition I couldn't say no!

Just when I thought about going back to them because it would've been SO cool I stumbeled over a random Graffitti which for some reason was in swiss german and read: "Ich mach mich uf dÀ weg aber s Ziel isch unbekannt". (I'm on my way but the goal is unknown) That made me stop as it's one of the old Pilgrim sayings.

Yeah, yeah okay Camino! Thanks for the super subtle reminder that I'm a Pilgrim having to live by the code! Very stylish of you to literally write it down for dummies like me in big fancy letters!

Originally I wanted to grow out what little beard I get for a hundret days.... but because I'm a beta cuck simp and domsticated Lion I of COURSE shaved for Nadine 😬.

I forgot how much work it is to shave after more than like two days or so. But I must say I look a lot more like myself and a lot less homeless that way...

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