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Day 11: Riggisberg to Freiburg

So... yeah... 30km again.

Highlights this morning include a kickass breakfast in the bakery we were staying, a Guy telling us how he wanted to do the whole Camino too but had to quit after 7 days because of an injury and my ability to actually get up and running again. I really needed all my willpower to even get my stuff together and making the first step.

Alex helped me by constantly making fun of and belitteling me so I have to show him now 😬. That's what Friends are for tough, no...?

You can see my pain even in the pictures. The first hour was gnarly to say the least but it got better fast! For some reason whenever I have no pain my whole foot feels cold and luckily I had this phenomenon trough the rest of the morning.

We stumbeled across a "Viehschau" with very rare "Simmentaler Cows". Alex told me they were super rare and I have to say I never saw them before. Very bright colours and long legs.

Alex knows his way around stuff that's tasty to eat (harrharr) but actually he once was a butcher and they need to learn that stuff.

Very exotic stuff for a city Guy like myself

Our second breakfast was at an old monestary which was never really finished. Felt right at home with my outfit! On this Foto I carry two sticks instead of my staff because I can actually take it in two and use it that way too. And since Alex kicks my ass in regards of speed I needed the extra push of an additional stick.

The landscape is between spring and summer with some touches of early fall which is pretty funny. Took this Foto on the way down because it looks so out of place somehow with all the fallen leafs.

Five minutes from there the flowers were blooming and the sun shines wonderfully... interesting stuff.

Now its time for a Luncheon containing of bread and cheese. Good thing Alex has a bazillion things with him in his backpack so we even had hot water!

I hope my foot continues to be working as we have another 20km or so ahead today...

So, regarding to this random sign it's only 1327km more and then I'm already in Santiago. Which is a reality I conciously choose to ignore as not to lose my mind.

I liked the straight roads today leading trough the fields but Alex was on another level - he likes to listen to insane stuff like the Marseillaise or "it's a long way to Tipperary" and then he's running about 7km/h like a madman. Which I can do for maybe three minutes before collapsing đŸ„”.

We'll see how far we come today. I'm already pretty beaten to be honest.

It's starting to get a challenge to always reach our goals. I wished I had prepared an easier plan allowing for more leeway but at home it's just so easy to put "30km" on the paper.

The most important thin is to reach Geneva on the 23rd becaus there I'll meet up with my Girlfriend Nadine and this I absoutely have to make! After that I'll probably wing it a bit more.

And than, just like that it started being french!!!

Not enough that my Foot started hurting again but all of a sudden and without forewarning stuff was written on in FRENCH of all things! I know I should've been mentally prepared but it was a shock nontheless. French!! Disgusting! What if People start SPEAKING it?!?

Shortly before crossing the boarder between the cantons Bern and Fribourg (also the boarder between the last heath of civilisation and the lawless wasteland dominated by french speaking Barbarians) we went to a Restaurant. When Alex told an old man what we are doing his comment was "Du schaffschs da auwÀ scho ache dÀ andr Cheib laamet ja scho". I don't know how to translate that but it comes down to him calling me a lame old mare deserving of a merci shot to end its misery.

To be fair, that's what I feel like right now, so... fair enough :).

We're now residing in the franciscan monestary "Couvent des Cordeliers" in the oldtown of Fribourg. It's pretty cool and exclusively for Pilgrims too btw.

I'm way too tired for everything but so glad that we made it here - altough barely and with help because of my foot. We'll see if I can bring myself to get out sightseeing again. I somehow don't feel like more walking tonight for some reason 🙃.

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Apr 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Schöni Fotis! Du courage, cousin ;) - AJ


Apr 18, 2023

Oh tu es courageux, bravo et tu retrouvera ta "Précieuse" à GenÚve. On est de tout coeur avec toi.


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