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Day 88: León to San Martin

Was a long, mostly boring walk out of León. Still a bit hangover from the elegant and very alcohol-heavy Party the other night but ready to go for shizzle!

Jules didn't feel to well, her stomach is still acting up. I'm as always in good Spirits and ready to go. Slept on the Sofa as I really don't care and wanted to give my bed to somebody who does.

Roly went on early on as he wants to make some more Kilometers. I wonder if we see him again. He means to get back with the pack but you never know. That's the way the Camino roles.

Danced trough the early morning hours trough the streets. It became my thing to listen to some music and dance like an idiot for the first hour after the start.

On our way out we crossed the famous "Parador de León" 5-Star Hotel, known from tje Movie "the Way". Two of the women we met at the Party stayed there and I reslized the must've payed as much money for two nights as I have spent in the last 2,5+ month!!

Had a nice Breakfast at a donativo Kiosk at the way out of Town and that's the last interesting thing about the walk itself that comes to my mind. It was all Roadwalk and boredom. I'm so, so happy to have my Group as with them, everything is awesome - even boring stuff 🤪.

We took an Albergue with a pool in which we spent the rest of the afternoon. We were too tired to make Photos so... sorry 😆.

It looked epically as if it might storm

later but it missed us.

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