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Day 72: Nájera to Santo Domingo

It rained at night to the delight of the People living here as well as the Pilgrims. Rain means Life for crops and cooler conditions for Wanderer.

Julia had to send her pack ahead but tried walking anyway. She made it quite far but had to take the Cab after all.

The Ground was super muddy because of the rain and we had real problems sometimes to get trough it.

Today I was FAST and I realized my training of the last couple of months. I hope to keep it that way.

Crossed a milestone today: only 570km

more to go!!! Weird to think about that.

We arrived in Santo Domingo at 12:45 already which was good as I needed time to do laundry - Jules just told me my Robe smells like a wet, dead Dog and that made me self-cauteous 😬.

It's here where the famous Chickens in the Church are. Didn't see them today but I try it tomorrow before leaving.

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