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Day 63: Lourdes to St Jean-Pied-de-Port

Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2023

Excited!!! I decided to continue my trail! I was super insecure what to do for days now. When I came to Lourde I was so miserable!

But visiting this Town with its beautiful view on the Pyreneean mountains made me really want to go back on Trail!

I had to say goodbye to an old Friend today because my good old Indiana Jones Bag finally broke down completely 😞. It was my companiom to many an adventure for 12 years now but this Morning I had to throw it away. It was other than my shells the only Item I already took on my first Camino in 2013...

Now I'm sitting in the Train to St Jean, excited for a new adventure and full of hope that it'll be better than the last couple of days. I so hope

to see more Pilgrims, get to actually KNOW some them maybe too? Wouldn't that be something? Also looking forward to do the Roland pass this time around as I couldn't do it last time because of the snow...

Last time I came to St Jean was by Bus because for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to drive with it trough all of Switzerland and France. This time wont be by foot as planned but by train from Bayonne, which is the most common way for most Pilgrims starting at the beginning.

While in the Train I might as well finish something I wanted to put in Yesterdays entry but couldn't yet formulate.

So I'm thinking about my opion in regards of Lourdes. Especially the part where the sick and elderly go there by the millions(!) to pray and hope for a miracle.

On one hand it's complete Bullshit of course. There's no reason to think this Water helps in the slightest and there are no statistics indicating any form of extrordinary betterment of any sicknesses after going there. Claiming otherwise is just dellusional and enriching oneself on these poor individuals is despicable!

Than again... I mean there IS scientific proof regarding the positive effect of Placebos. So why not give a visit in the Grotto and

a bath in the "holy" water the benefit of the doubt? If a patient FEELS better afterwards, what was the harm? Who am I to judge? And seeing them (I didn't photograph anyone btw., the Picture is from Google...) all excited and happy to just BE there made me kind of happy by proxy.

I just hope, they don't put their hopes up and then be dissapointed when no Miracle

happens. That would be devastating and certainly for the worse for them.

I changed my tone a bit on this Trail. Before I was extremely against every such institution claiming to be able to do miracles. But Lourdes actually didn't promise anything anywhere and as far as I could tell other than the stay and food one doesn't have to pay a dime to be there.

Maybe I get soft with age. Certainly more liberal.

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