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Day 61: Église de l‘Hôpital to SURPRISE

It gets unnervingly difficult to write down the full names of the places I cross. Why can't all places be named "Nogaro" or so? Why the need for a bazillion "à" and "é" and "õ" and at least seven "-"?!?

Alas, I decided to jump ahead a bit. I slept on the ground for two nights now and haven't had a shower for almost 72 hours - after days on end walking in the heat I might add! It's an emberassing feeling to come into town in this condition :(.

I'm just miserable and tired and the smallest things get on my nerves. Like the closed Campground Yesterday or little Mosqitobites everywhere. Drives me NUTS!

Just now I'm sitting in the Church of Nogaro loading my electrical devices. Martin is already back on the Road with his humongous Backpack which with all his Food and Drink probably now weighs 30kg.

He's a bit jumpy too and I think the last days also took a toll on him altough he's not letting it out quite so much.

When I saw the opportunity to jump I

immediatly knew that's the right decision! I was so sad thinking about the next Kilometers, knowing I'm tired and hurt, out of Electricity and stinky and in a bad mood.

But now I can just look for a Restaurant, load up, relax and wait until the Bus comes. After that I'll be in a Gite comfortably early and will hopefully be able to wash all my clothes and especially myself!

Y'see, it's easy for you to judge me on that. Being at home or at work, having all the luxuries and your beloved ones around you. Must seem weak and stupid to again jump ahead.

But don't forget that I'm constantly fighting with myself here! Tired in body and spirit... fighting from the moment I wake up just to get up. Fighting to talk friendly and in a foreign language altough I don't want to! Fighting against lonelyness, bad mood, anger, hurting bodyparts and so much more!

If I can't just take some time off here and there I have no chance to continue on my Journey at all... I already think about quitting in St. Jean! After 1500km+ and 61 days walking trough Switzerland and France I have to repeat again!

Got a Text from Jerry that he's presently at a beach somewhere around Barcelona after leaving the Trail taking it easy before starting again in St. Jean Pied-de-Port. Man, this Guy's got the right idea!

Btw. Crossed a Greenwich Meridian today. Have to check out later what that's all about.

Ah, got it! It's the prime meridian, an arbitrary longitude division between the Estern and Western Hemisphere.

... the more you learn!

And fun Fact: the french refused to acknowledge the Zero point in Greenwich and used their own parisian meridian out of shere spite until 1911. Ah, the french ♥️. ("wü make oür owen Merdiàn with le Blackjaque and le Húckers!!")

Okay you know what I just decided? I wanna go

to catholic Disneyland! I was thinking all Morning about what would excite me. And all

the options seemed just so boring! The next five days kook exactly the same on he map! Arzacq, Aroue, Arthez... man they even SOUND the same! None of the villages stand out, none have a uniqe "selling point". But you know what has? LOURDES!

Yes you heard right! Fucking Lourdes! Where some lunatic french Sheepheeding Girl had some crazy visions in 1858 and the catholic church was like "yeah Baby, let's milk that Biatch" and declared it a miracle to the delight of milions of catholics (as well as to the even greater delight of their own finance sector coincidently!) THAT sounds exciting to me! And would you know, it's right around the corner just half a day away... so I do my thing and decide completely spontaneously that I wanna go and see that 😬!

So here I am, ignoring the inevitable future fact of y'all mocking me for jumping around yet AGAIN... I do what feels good and excited me and I'm happy for the first time in days!

Now I'm sitting stinky and sweaty and tired in a train, looking forward to a Hotel room and especially SLEEP! I so need it right now!

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