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Day 59: Condom to Église à Lamothe

Just a half day today. 14km or so. I'm a bit hangover and also I need to buy a hat!

Didn't get a hat because I want my particular style. It's a bit stupid but I'm difficult in this way...

Had a great time in this Gite. Very personal and wonderfully decorated. It's a bit sad that we don't stay here longer but it's for the best.

Letting go we must.

It was fun to play the fourth Musketier. The historic D'Artagnan is from this Region and his likeness is absolutely everywhere!

Walked trough forests full with Bamboo. As beautiful as this may seems, it also seems out of place for France - because it IS. Bamboo is an awfully invasive plant and actually not good for the environment.

Martin and I thought about how backpacker may use the Bamboo sticks to their advantage like as tent frame or walking stick. Just food for thought.

The weather forecast predicted 27 Degrees but luckily the sun hid almost all day behind clouds and it was pretty good to walk. I hope it stays like that at least for a little while longer!

Also we reached a great milestone when passing this sign: only 1000km to go until Santiago! YEAH!

I reached Montréal on the afternoon. We plan to make another 10km or so and spend the night at a church again. That seems to work pretty well.

I finally arrived at the Chapel! The last hour on the Street were taking FOREVER!

But as I arrived I was pleasantly surprised that the Chapel is right next to a Gite with a real Restaurant that was OPEN! What a miracle! So I actually got a Coke after the 27.5km we did today. What a treat!

I was greeted by a huge white Dog who first was bellowing because I was sweating and breathing so heavily. She turns out to be an absolute Peach tough and even came down for a visit later 😬...

Now we made camp under the roof of the Church entrance as we like to do. No electrocity down here but maybe they let me plug my stuff at night by the Gite.

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06 jun. 2023

Have fun! Good luck finding a new hat ♥️ - AJ

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