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Day 2: Pfäffikon to Rapperswil

So that was an... interesting night to say the least 😬. Everything was closed last night so I decided to camp wild - which is illegal like everything else here in Switzerland I might add. But as per my usual luck there wasn't much Forest around. So what to do? I was so tired and it started to rain.

Then I saw it: the ruins of a roman Castello a couple hundred meters away! Just far enough from the next houses but with walls that stood for 2000 years and would protect me from the ice cold wind! Up there we goooo!!

So I put up my tent in complete darkness and in absolute silence as not to gain any unwanted attention. Hah I'm smart! NOBODY will be here on Easter Saturday in the rain! HAH! Geniussssss!

... so anyway, as soon as I closed my eyes a Policeman shined his flashlight in my Eyes 😑

Turns out he's some sort of Guard for cultural heritage and wildlife resort and every million years or so he's coming over there for a routine check. My ususal luck. He wasn't unkind tough and after I explained to him who I was he smiled a bit and told me I could stay as long as I don't bother anyone. I think he felt bad for me a bit. So did I so there's that. Sometimes being pathetic has its upsides. He then left me be in my misery, probably happy for not being a crazy person like me.

FINALLY some sleep! Nobody else here for at least eight hours!

... so anyway, at five 'o clock after I barely slept because of the wind a group of middle aged Christians turned up, made a fire and started singing the praise of the Lord.

Turns out I managed to hit the Castel on the ONE NIGHT where they come to prepare an easter prayer somethingorother. My usual luck. It was an interesting wake up call and altough nicer than the unnerving buzzing of my phone they had unfortumately no snooze-button I could hit ten times like usually in the morning.

I felt NOT in the mood for religion of any kind so I packed my stuff and back on the Trail it is - not without realizing that the structure consists of remnants of old towers in which I could've hidden and probably wouldn't have been spotted AND would've been protected by the wind. Great! I studied the Castle in the Internet a bit Yesterday before bed but after the part where it said that there was a Skeleton found upright which was probably a Guy buried alive I stopped reading - so I missed that particular detail. My usual luck.

The cool thing is, without realizing I'm back on the Camino immediatly!

Met like a hundret people on my way from the Castle as they all came to this prayer thingy. Why are religious People such early birds?! In the cold at 6 o clock in the morning on a Sunday... some of them invited me back for Tea but I told them Santiago lies on the other way. After this night I don't feel like socializing and if I hear another song about Jesus I'll probably jump into the Pfäffiker Lake!

As soon as I reach Rapperswil I'll be on the "regular" Camino again (this was just a side-arm) and so there will be much more accomodations. Booked myself a Bed in an Albergue for tonight - I hope it will be boring 😬

I got myself a Breakfast whose prize would make Jeff Bezos faint and got me my first Camino Miracle by meeting old Friends I haven't seen in AGES sitting next to my table. Somewhere in nowhere in a Bakery! What's even the probability for something like that?!

Normally I'd be amazed but I'm on the Camino after all and here Miracles happen all the time and as far as those go this was actually a minor one.

The weather was great and my Goggels worked wondefully. Also it has to be repeated that my Robe is awesome and I'd have frozen to death tonight without it! It's probably my favourite piece of gear as far as versatility is concerned.

The terrain is getting more interesting and more like the typical postcard Mickymouse Swizerland clichée everyone got in their heads with lush green fields and cows jumping around and whatnot. I grew up with that stuff and still love it XD. Altough the cows tend to run from me because either my staff reminds them of their Farmer who uses a stick to herd them or because my Eau-de-la-Pilgrim makes them a bit sick... who knows?

(Love this house - some very creative people live here... Whatever they smoked I want some 😝).

(Yes, that's a purple fence with like 50 different handmade Fingerpuppets and the chopped off head of a Unicorn impaled on a rainbow stick... you saw that right)

Lovelovelove the Albergue here in the heart of Rapperswil! Not only beautifully renovated but also fairly cheap with 25 swiss francs and until five minutes ago all for myself. A french couple just arrived which surprises me totally as I was under the impression that I'm the only Pilgrim doing the Trail this time of the year.

Feeling great after a shower and fresh clothes and can't wait to make a bit of sightseeing and go for dinner. I'm definetly more hungry now than I was ob the PCT five years ago when I almost didn't eat a thing for a month or so.

I like Rapperswil a lot. It's like Zurich but actually beautiful and especially not filled with Zurichs! Dreadful People! A lot of stylers here looking funny at me with my Robe but I don't care because I'm feeling sexy af in my Crocs and Hiker underwear...

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Apr 09, 2023



Apr 09, 2023

Oh no!!! I was wondering how wild camping in Switzerland would go, but at least the policeman was kind to you. Maybe he was checking the ruins in anticipation of the ceremonies the next day? Wish you a good hike and a boring night 😊

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