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Day 17: Nyon to Geneva

In great spirit today, barely hangover and ready to rock 'n roll Baby!!

Had a little dance in front of the roman monument earlier. Unaware of my surroundings because I got my earphones in I oversaw other Tourists further behind. They gave me a spontaneous little applause tough so that was nice.

The route out of Nyon is utter crap because some rich fucks decided they wanted their own lakeview from their shitass Villa so nobody but those shit-for-brains incestuous retarded bougeoise fatasses can now even SEE the lake, yet alone walk along it for Kilometres on end!

I know I'm subtle about it but I have a distinctive dislike for the upper class. If I could decide I'd take everyone with more than like... lets say 2 Million bucks or so and have them whipped naked trough the streets. And why not have them strapped to a nice little pillory while the unwashed masses throw little pieces of rotten food and feces at them while we're at it? Just for their crime of being terrible human beings in general making life miserable for everyone but themselves in their despicable greed.

Or the shaffot like in the good old times? Not all of them, only the richest. Like all them Billionaires so the rest get scared.

The pressing urge to deffecate into one of those fine specimens Mailbox becomes hard to supress the longer I have to walk along the street. Only my upbringing as a somewhat decent human being stops me from relieving myself in such a manner as to satisfy my wanting to show them my admiration for their awesome wealth.

As so often I don't do what would satisfy my dark nature because it would make Mama sad.

Almost noon and I saw the lake again! They built a kitchy chapel in a park and I was able to enjoy it for almost a whole minute before the digusting bugs that are EVERYWHERE here started picking at me. I was hoping, my Pilgrim odour would repel them but no such luck.

And then all of a sudden Geneva at the horizon! It's a bad photo with digital zoom but represents the first time I've seen the famous fountain 😁!

Geneva is a very exiting part of the Trail to me. It's a very beautiful and world famous City yet I only ever been there once as a Child. It's also the last time I can get into a proper Outdoor store for about a month so I better hit it now.

And last but not least: it is the last civilized place until France begins! Who knows what dangers await me there?!? Cooked Froglegs? People with striped shirts laughing like "HONHONHON"? And I'm sure they all carry a Baguette under their arm 24/7! And then they all speak french! FRENCH of all languages!!! I'm sure God punished only the worst sinners when he made them speak this ridiculous language back in the Tower of Babylon days. A fate worse than death!!!

It's a ruthless and wild place and I must be properly prepared to enter it...

I initially didn't have a good impression of the City. It has this particular french fucked up big city feeling and it's all full of Styler and Hobos (who aren't always distinguishable - it must cost a lot to look so poor). It seems like a mix between Zurich and Marseille. Not "dirty" per se but also far away from what I'm used to at home. Also immediatly there were beggars who are a pain as here nobody HAS to be homeless and they could just go do something less anoying or even productive. But no, why not sit on a blanket and make a fake sad face while beggin on a Guy in Crocs and a Robe why don't you?!

And yes I know. I came full circle today being uselessly annoyed by the whole spectrum of the social hierarchy. Sue me, that's my thoughts today and I need to try and be honest here.

It got way nicer towards the Lake tough. I had to of course visit old Sisi. It was strangely touching to see that somebody put Flowers at her feet. I wonder who did this and why. Also I think she would've liked the monument depicting her so beautiful and skinny. Just the way she always wanted to be seen.

... did you know that she was almost photographed one last time at the evening before her untimely death? She had dinner with the Rothschilds and they wanted a picture taken but she refused to be photographed from the day she turned 30. She almost did it then but after thinking about it she said one needs to be consequent in these matters and refused. Just a bit of the kind of Trivia I like.

Today was a weird day. The terrain was so flat but my thoughts and emotions jumped up and down constantly.

It's funny that every day here on trail it seems as if there was a specific theme cristallizing. Yesterday it was "you appreciate stuff more when you leave them" and today could be summarized as "always trust your guts".

For I had two occasions in which I felt so incomfortable that I chose to leave. The first time was when I wanted to eat or drink something in a Restaurant and I was barked on by some Bitch if I was a customer when I asked (very politely and in french I might add) for the Restrooms. I chose to destroy their lavatory and went on without consuming anything.

The other time was when I arrived at my initial choice of youth hostel. Iffy energy all around and staff fighting with angry portugese over parking costs while chinese in a foul mood lingering around (why are all chinese abroad always pissy btw.? Aren't they like the upper 1% when they are able to travel? I thought, money makes happy?). I chose to leave the facilty and went to another one down the road.

I'm satisfied with both instances as I trusted my gutfeelong and just went out as soon as possible. I wonder if I could've done the same at home or if the feeling for ones intrinsic instincs is something that is sharpened when one has so much time alone with his thoughts.

So now I'm fed and clean and tired in my cheap youth hostel and go to sleep. I don't know yet what my definitive plans are for the morrow. I take every day anew all Pilgrim-style...

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25 avr. 2023

While I share your discomfort about the bourgeoisie, I'm shocked you would wish your own rich grandma to be treated in such a way. I thought you liked her! 😂 I believe "upper, middle and lower" class are terms used solely to disguise what most of us really are: Working class, modern day slaves to capitalism. The distinction becomes far less significant when you think about it this way. But I agree that the more money someone has the more they should be giving back and there is definitely some upper limit (hello there Jeff Bezos). If you're THAT rich, just sitting on your gold that could do so much good in the world, I cannot like you, I'm sorry.

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