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Day 13: Romont to Moudon

Good news everyone: we survived the night!

It was freezing but my beloved Robe once again saved the day (or better: night). Alex is a very experienced camper and I went around the block a couple of times myself so we knew what we are doing.

I have a good foot day but other than that the weather suuuuuuuuucks! So WET and COLD!

Alex loves to make pictures like the one above of me. He calls them his "done with life" cycle and I give him plenty of opportunities for his photos. I do have to say that those are the moments I'm usually the happiest. It's when we're done for the day and have a place to sleep. When I can shut down and relax and think about the day. I DO look tired and done but I feel very proud and calm inside.

Not too many highlights to write about. One was the holy water in the bottle in one of the churches - they didn't get the memo that Corona is over I suppose. Also they sold cassettes with prayer music which is awesome and very "Hypster" of them....

Then we went to a museum of glass art which was at first an attempt not to have to walk but turned out awesome! Hey had (next to other great stuff) original Art from Alphonse Mucha that were breathtaking to see.

The weather was SO awful and we really had to try and stay in a good mood. We made us laugh tough and I find it's easier to go trough crappy days like these together.

The Camino magic for today was probably when the saleswoman in the museum not only revealed that she spoke swiss german (it gets rarer by the day) but that she lived in Winterhur Töss like 3 minutes from my parents house. What are the odds?!?

My robe holds up even in the bad rain and my trusted hiking umbrella did the rest. We were still frozen and wet in no time.

The small towns already feel foreign and strange to me. I can't put my finger on it but some details are just very, very french to me. Alas, time to get used to it as there's a LOT more of that coming in the next month 😬.

Now we found a lovely B&B from an elder woman in the style we like most. Cozy and simple and private - she even put some beers in the fridge for us! We did our best to make some smalltalk but the poor woman only speaks french and it didn't go very deep. She liked my robe tough (I think) so that's nice!

Now we're lying together in a big gay double bed and groaning around, feeling bad for ourselves. My last energy as always goes into this Blog before I will inevidably fall asleep without realizing it. Hopefully I make it until after Dinner 😬

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Your blog is getting popular! I can already smell the sponsorships 😏. Just don't become a sellout! The colorful houses and partially cobbled streets look very coastal French to me. You're looking tired and cozy after a long days work/walk 😁 - AJ

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