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Day 10: Thun to Riggisberg

I can't deny my wanting for small luxuries. The shower might've been insinde the room we were sleeping without a courtain and the Toilet was outside in the open with a respectable view on the lake but it WAS nice to have them nonetheless...

The weather is very slooooowly but steadily getting better. We even saw a bit of sky today!

Something tells me I shouldn't complain tough as I'll look back with regret to this weather when the merciless sun of the Meseta burns the brain out of my Skull.

27km is todays goal and unfortunately my toe started hurting this morning. It's okay tough as long as I don't have any more muscle issues.

As Pilgrims we of course have to visit all churches on the way and I have my fun playing a grumpy old monk with my robe. I use everything as an excuse not to walk today 😬

Finally the weather clears up! I almost forgot how the sun looks...

I love the Berner Oberland with its beautiful little green Hills and the Moutains in the background - at least they WOULD be there if the clouds weren't in the way all the time!

Fun fact: a young J.R.R Tolkien once walked in these parts and was later heavily inspired by it when creating the Shire which is a mix between these lands and the english countryside.

My footpain was quite vexing again but Alex always knows how to cheer me up... I need so little...

It's difficult to describe the scenery here. It's all very rural and agricultural but at the same time picturesque and cute

By shere unbeliviable coincidende the Camino leads trough a small village called Burgistein which is the "native town" (Heimatort) of Alex. That means, sometime in the past some of his ancestors came from here and the place is still legaly obliged to help him if he'd ever become homeless - even if he has no other connection to the place and one doesn't even ever have had to been there even once.

We received some Trailmagic there by a Guy looking like Reinhold Messner inviting us for a beer and telling us stories about how he travelled the Yukon and shipped around Greece in a folding cayak. Cool stuff. I dig People like that so much.

Today was HARD man! So steep and so far! But also beautiful and great. 25km walking distance with 750m up and 600 down which makes around 38 performance kilometers.

We're so done! Now we're hanging around in a B&B above a bakery and enjoy the permanent smell of fresh bread. If we can motivate ourselves to get up again we'll search for food and then we'll probably die or something. The tiredness is real!

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Apr 17, 2023

Love the map. If that is not just a swiss map thingie, I would love it if you'd include that for every part of the journey =)



Apr 17, 2023

Oh I was just thinking that you look more and more like Gandalf, certainly the church effect hihi good vibes


Apr 17, 2023
Replying to

Thank you my dear. I feel more like Gollum tough XD…

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