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Day 1: W‘thur to Pfäffikon

The first step is always the hardest and mine today sure wasn't an exeption to the rule!

Started on my front door (well, the backdoor but don't get technical on me here) at 9 and had my first break at my parents house where we had an early easter Brunch together with the whole Family. I like it how I therefore started on my new AND my old home to my Camino. A bit poetic...

I really like my Outfit so far, It works surprisingly well! I always liked to dress up for my Trails and uploaded a little comparision with the three start-photos so you may judge for yourself which is the dumbest:

Contestant 1: Discount Steampunk Jedi, Camino April 8th 2023

Contestant 2: Idiot with Fedora and a big Staff, PCT April 8th 2018

Contestant 3: Fat Indiana Jones, March 2013

I know, I know: I haven't aged a day in 10 years 😬...

My Nephew helped me find a stone for the "Cruz de Ferro" and than my Family escorted me back to the Camino which coincientally is the exact same way we used to walk on constantly as children and went daily for walks with our Dogs. I like how this all comes together that way...

The Goodbyes were appropriatly sad - I guess I'm getting sentimental with age. Especially hugging my Girlfriend for the last time (until Geneva where she'll visit me). This one stung. They wished me all a "buen Camino" and than they were just.. gone.

So now it was hikehikehike. Not much to say here. It was a tough one, especially for a first day. The weather was a constantly changing April weather. The Trail was good but lead trough boring little Villages without much appeal to me. The Castle "Kyburg" was the Highlight but I know it almost since birth so nothing to write home about there either.

I made the 22,3km in a bit over 6 hours. 400m up and 300m down. Happy that I made it. Now I'm eating Pizza in Pfäffikon and look for a place to sleep. I COULD take the Train back and sleep in my own bed but that's not the Spirit! It would be too hard to start over tomorrow. So I will probably hike out and put up my tent. Some discomfort is to be expected after all.

But first a little Beer. Cheers :)!

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Apr 08, 2023

I like all contestants, but I think I'll go with Steampunk Jedi as my favorite, that robe is AWESOME! Have a good and comfy night, buen camino - your favorite cousin ♥️

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